Jan 10, 2012

Morning sun

I watched a TV documentary about body clock. It said that for people who have erratic sleep pattern, getting more sun in the morning will help. So I've started to sit outside in the balcony in the morning during the holidays. And I open the blinds in the office now.

One of my goals this year is to sleep better. Sound simple? A good uninterrupted seven hours of sleep has been elusive to me for quite sometimes. Time to do something about it.

Photo source: goeshealth.com


  1. Guess I'm all right being a mushroom in the morning then.

  2. So you're a night owl? If your wife is early bird, then both of you are like on shift in the house, hehe.

  3. I donæt like getting up early, and always stay up late. In holidays and vacations, when I don't need to get up for work, it's getting worse every day. Kids are exactly the same, probably inherited from me >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. The documentary said it's teenage behaviour. Perhaps you revert back to your younger years.


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