Jan 15, 2010

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  1. Oh Enid....I love the way this is going! Our Orange Nightmare really is quite a stupid, stupid woman. To think that with Darcy standing right there after seeing her going through Elizabeth's things that he would still offer for her! What an idiot!!! Love it!

    Will we ever learn just how she found out about the cross? And Bingley removing Caroline
    "Amid her loud screams and abuses, the host took Caroline over his shoulders out of the room."
    I was rolling on the floor after I read that! Fantastic!

    I'm anxious to see just what Louisa knew, too!

    And, "has" Elizabeth been injured? Oh, I can't wait for more!!!

    I felt like I was watching this whole scene and it was wonderful to behold!

    Thanks Enid,

  2. How could you Enid, to end things there?
    I was so enjoying the scene, Caroline being an idiot and a nuisance, Bingley throwing her over his shoulder, and most of all, Darcy protecting Elizabeth.

    Although, having the story out in the open was very stocking, and wonder what E is feeling? Did she notice that Miss Bingley lugged at her?

    Well, Caroline is definitely out of the picture, but D still have to deal with E, Mr Bennet. He will give D trouble won't he?

    I could imagine Caroline write asking Mrs Bennet to pack special wears for E, but won't Mrs Bennet be please that her dear Miss Bingley plan has come to fruition?

    Lol, the inscription was in Latin perhaps?

    More more Enid!

  3. Sandy and Hangnhu, didn't seem to be able to make Caroline smarter. Yes, now that duckface is out, I'll see if Darcy will put his foot in the mouth. Yes, Mr. Bennet will make an appearance too. But it's not NB at all. I was hoping for a one-shot with some hot cuddling but it's getting longer and longer. Poor F&F!

  4. I hope Darcy and Elizabeth can atleast become friends....and please don't bring the nasty Wick in on this...

  5. I like this, Enid! Very much!

    ~ Aimée

  6. Thanks A and Aimee, I meant to wrap it up quickly but it seems Darcy, Elizabeth and Caroline have different views!

  7. A brilliant start, I do look forward to reading more. Your Caroline is really crazy and manipulative, just love it.
    So Elizabeth knows nothing about any betrothal, I wonder if her father has? this should be fun to read.
    Many Thanks

  8. oh great beginning...though i must admit, im not liking this Darcy much..(yet), he knows from the very beginning that Caroline is way too old to be the baby, yet he still consider her, me think he just want to get this over with, and at least Caroline is not a stranger & he will get Charles as a brother...now lets gives him a lesson...Elizabeth & her father can give him one hell of a rejection so he can learn that not everyone will just bow down & give him anything he wants, let him grovel & court Elizabeth properly

  9. Josephine, Lizzy and her father didn't know. Aya, I've to defend Darcy. I think he didn't think clearly about the date of the event until he's questioning Caro. But he was acting like a bear. He'll get his set down.

  10. Enid - The latest update of "Fire and Cross" is brilliant!
    [“Do not mention it, son. I did what any gentleman would have done.”]
    Here we have Fitzwilliam Darcy, a man who has the best that money can buy, a house in town, and huge estate in Derbyshire, a man who is sought after by every unmarried and many married women in England, a man of the finest circles, a man who grew into this man because a country squire of no consequence risked his life to save a young boy and his mother from certain death, a man who is so full of himself that he feels that he is perfectly justified in insulting the daughter of that very same country squire....and yet...it all comes down to this phrase!
    [“Do not mention it, son. I did what any gentleman would have done.”]

    Did Mr Bennet ask old Mr Darcy how much he would give him to save the life of his son and wife? Did he demand payment after he delivered them? Did he ask what it was all worth?.....Oh my! I'm sure Mr Bennet's words struck with the force of a steel blade to cut this arrogant man to size!

    I so look forward to where this is going next. That last scene was so well done!
    Thanks Enid and I can't wait for more! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!


  11. Brilliant! I love this word, the Doctor favourite and my favourite.

    I cannot stop laughing at the 'Hunsford' scene and I think it great how you had Darcy meeting Mr Bennet in the field. Father and daughter certainly knows how to bring down the mighty Fitzwilliam Darcy :D and show him humility.

    I suspect Mr Bennet will laugh at everything he just heard, now that he realise that Darcy didn't do anything rakish toward his Lizzy.

    Perhaps he will invite the lad home at the expense of his daughter.

    Pandemic at Netherfield indeed, all three inhabitant with headaches, but Bingley should have guess why, right?

    Oh, Enid, are you going to let Mrs Bennet into the gossip that Darcy must marry 'her' Lizzy? I could imagine a storm from just parting that knowledge to her, and imagine the shock of the entire neighbours.

    And it appeared that Mr Bennet did suspect why Elizabeth have the necklace and did not tell anyone. I'm glad that Darcy told the stranger his name when he was younger, and I'm glad he had that memory returned.

    Do carry on Enid, I look forward for more ^_^
    Carry On Enid! ever seen those Carry On films?

  12. Wow! So, instead of Mr Bennet realizing he needed to save for his family's sake in case he died, he did just the opposite and decided to let his wife have anything she wanted. Why would he do that? Men....sometimes they do the most foolish things and this one is definitely very, very foolish.

    I can't wait to see what kind of plan you will have Mr B and Darcy cook up between them. This should be soooo interesting!

    I'll be waiting impatiently for more Enid!
    Great story!


  13. love the latest update...looks like Darcy got served his humble pie, i love your Mr Bennet, so intead of laziness, he indulged Mrs Bennet & the girls out of love. look forward to how these 2 gentlemen will do to improve the Bennet ladies & at the same time repair the damage Darcy had done, in the mean time can someone please tell orangina that she is way below the Bennets, her being tradesman daughter , money cant buy blood, etc?

  14. I'm simply happy that you updated and an excellent update it was :D

    Did Lizzy know this story, of Mr Bennet encountered the dead man in Bromley? Sounds like she did.

    But the Bennet are saved now that Darcy stepped in, and I love the idea of Mr Bennet plotting to have his stubborn Lizzy to marry Darcy.

    My question is, will Darcy go low and do as Mr Bennet's hinted, and let Mrs Bennet knows the story of the cross? I can't imagine how she'll react, but then again, you could completely surprise, but knowing that Darcy will do as his father wish and Lizzy future is secured, which means the Bennet future secured, Mrs Bennet will be so relived that she won't go into one of her trance of silliness in the future.

    Would it not be funny, if it was Caroline who told Mrs Bennet, spitefully, off course, the story of the cross; like 'congratulation Mrs Bennet, you must be delighted that your Eliza will be the next Mistress of Pemberley' LOL

    hm... you know, I'm torn with this distruption to F&F, but I felt like a twist won't be so bad, and have Jane married to Darcy's cousin, who is with title. A. because Bingley have no backbone (unless you'll give him one) B. rub salt in the wound for Caroline Bingley, who still remains spinster-tradesman's daughter, while the pitiful dowered-Bennets girl also gentleman's daughters married into wealth (and titled, and Jane future Countess :D)

    ok, too must twisting

    please come back soon Enid

  15. Sandy, Aya and Hana, I'm trying to cook up some schemes to save the Bennet women. Darcy has a bit of grovel to do before a certain desirable event can occur. Many thanks for your comments. I love them all and they urge me on.

  16. ooh Enid, i just found your other WIP ...Finding and Fighting ...i LOVE it, its such a different premises...are you going to update this anytime soon?

  17. Nice story! I am so glad Caroline got physically removed from the room. I look forward to more of the grand plan.

  18. Thanks Aya, I hope to wrap up F&C quickly so I can get back to F&F. Hana has been nagging me about it. Thanks Lucy, I think Caroline can cause some more havocs later on.

  19. Wow, that was awkward standing in the library with Mrs Bennet wanting Elizabeth to seduce Darcy?

    It was simply fun reading, I could almost heard Mrs Bennet and see Darcy's face when she mentioned Elizabeth's bosom so directly.

    And Mrs Bennet goes to school, excellent plan, although for a minute I thought you might ask the Countess to guide her on Darcy's behalf.

    Where will Lydia be? Perhaps Mr Bennet & Darcy prefer sending her to a stricter school without Mrs Bennet's knowledge, and have her sent to a prison sorta :P

    hm... I'm sure Mary and Kitty will be come best friend, Kitty will need all those time to remove her silliness in following people around and Mary to rid of her preaching.

    I like to see Caroline Bingley when she learnt that despite Elizabeth's rejection, Darcy is spending all his time at Longbourn and helping Mr Bennet with his estate, instead of helping Bingley :D

    For that matter, what will Lady Cathering say, or Lord Matlock and the Tons, that Darcy is so intent on chasing a woman who rejected him, and he barely knows above a week. Let Caroline leak it out, won't that be fun. will Wickham come to hertfordshire? This is getting longer and longer, but I love it all the same. Go Enid!

    btw, your update notification hasn't change, unless I missed this second half after the first time. It still saying 28th March, but I'm sure you posted it after.

  20. Hana, thanks for checking on update so often. I haven't put out the update notice on the front page yet because I actually haven't worked out what to do with Lydia and the Netherfield Ball! Prison is a bit harsh but I will seriously consider it if I can't find a solution tomorrow.

    Yes, it was fun plotting a way to improve Mrs. Bennet. Mr. Bennet's grand scheme will require Darcy in Longbourn a lot. Not only will Caro be annoyed, Lizzy will not be happy too. And to make the story to become a wip, Collins and Wickham can be added too.

    Yes, I am evil, three wips left hanging...

  21. [b]three wips left hanging[/b] :D I'm not thinking of Work in Progress, that for sure LOL

  22. Enid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, how could you be so cruel and stop there?
    I can't believe you have them married????
    I thought Mary or Jane be married, but Lizzy too?

    Well, did Darcy do his husbandly duty? This E certain naive to not know what love making was?

    Is Darcy regreting it? Will this gets him into trouble? Will they consider annulment?

    Oh dear, please come back soon. What happen now? Mrs Bennet must be extremely pleased with herself that Elizabeth is married.

    But nothing befall the other sisters right? They did not get tricked like the coupled wedded with E&D right? The pastors and clergy got their name, correct?

    Perhaps you married Kitty to a Viscount, I always like her with Lord Ashbourn, whichever story that is from.

    I'm torn, which to read first? F&F or F&C? I think F&F first, seeing that F&C wasn't at a cliffy moment like this.

    Please say Darcy managed to do something, after all, her wasn't that drunk. How many drink did they had? E was tired, but sleepy too?

    Come back, please, I beg you :(

  23. Hana, I had no intention of getting D&E married at first but this morning when I was writing, the pastor just did it. He was too eager. I knew you would want to smack my head for leaving you there but I needed to go out for shopping.

    I have the next two scenes plotted. So I'll write soon, after I update F&C. Many thanks for commenting.

  24. Enid, Finally!!! I almost grew white hair waiting for updates on F&F. I don't know why but I like this twisted story very much. Just want to let you know that I'm check your site regularly. Love it that they're married. I have a feeling that Darcy knows where Mr. Bennett is, so please update soon after shopping :D.

  25. Enid, I think I may have figured out what I've been doing wrong. We'll see if I did or not with this.

    I just read the last chapter where Wickham was turned into an overdeveloped woman and now has some of Caroline's brain. Wow, this is getting complicated.

    I love Logan protecting his mama against Caroline. Hope to see more updates soon.

  26. OK, Enid, just read the last update of F&F, and can't wait until you let us know if Darcy performed his husbandly duty. Will they stay married or will our dear couple decide to part? You must keep them together!

    Please update soon.

  27. I'm finally caught up with your WIPs. Just read the last posting of F&C, and have no doubt that Darcy will eventually win Elizabeth. Putting Mr. Bennet and Darcy together to scheme was brilliant!

    Please update soon!

  28. 3 updates!! Yay!

    It's been soooo long for Every Savage and all I can say is wow! Go Logan! I think he needed to smack gramma Bennet too! Poor Wickham! Maybe they can change Caro's gender and then lock them up in a room together... has anyone ever deserved it more?

    Love F&C! Can't wait to see Caroline's reaction to Darcy leaving and Mary & Lydia arriving! Though Lydia learning how to be a lady from the Bingley sisters is a frightening proposition! Love the idea of Darcy & Elizabeth under the same roof at Longbourn!

    F&F!! Yay! Just yay! They definitely need to stay together and I agree with miaka that D probably knows where Mr. B is! Lookihing forward to more!

  29. LMAO, I can't believe you have Mr Bennet forcing Caroline to endure Lydia's company for so long :D you're wicked! I love that update of F&C, although I'm still anxious to F&F (ESCR have too much going on, I can't keep up, it like a parody, although I'm sure you're not mocking P&P).

    Why did Elizabeth dress up so nice? Mrs Bennet packed every pricy gown? Is that the worst she has in her trunk? LOL, poor Darcy, I hope he could contain himself :P

    I can't wait for what Darcy have to say about the meeting with Mr Bennet. I could picture Caroline face when learning that Mrs Hurst will be hosting Lydia. Will Caroline stay in Hertfordshire and try more things?

    Will we see Wickham again? I look forward to seeing Elizabeth reaction that Darcy is helping her with Longbourn estate also. Any chance he will be sorting the hay, while she milk the cows? OOO, Darcy will stay at Longbourn, how will Elizabeth react to that?

    I alway like Mr Bennet, despite his fault :D

  30. Oh, I am really liking this story!.

    More soon, please!


  31. I'm looking forward to Darcy and Lizzy working on the farm together. Glad D will be staying at Longbourn. More chances for E to know D better; the man does know how to be charming when he puts his mind to it. Will Miss Bingley start working on the farm to stay close to D? Naw, even Miss B wouldn't go that far, LOL.

  32. Thanks Pat, Lisette, Hana, Mia and Jennifer, for commenting. For F&F, I can spill a secret, Darcy doesn't know where Mr. Bennet is. The story is progressing too slow. It will still be sometimes before Mr. Bennets make an appearance. As for F&C, Hana said I should put Lydia in a prison, so I thought about putting her with Caro, LOL. And I don't know why Lizzy is all dressed up for dinner. Perhaps she expects some after dinner entertainment, when Caro learn about the arrival of the younger Bennet sisters

  33. Oh Enid...you wicked, wicked authoress! First I couldn't believe Bingley actually allowed his lying, thieving sister to remain in his house for another second but then, to have her shut up with Lydia Bennet. What a hoot!

    And, wait until Orangiana finds out that Darcy will be staying at Longbourn. Oh my...the sparks will fly, I'm sure!

    I can't wait to read more of this story. Love it Enid.

    Big Hugs!

  34. I love it...Lydia Bennet at Netherfield. So clever you are, Enid!

  35. :( Enid, how could you? I suppose I was asking too much, and Darcy would be too gentlemanly to do the deeds, but he did carry her bridal style back home!!!

    I just hope, whatever he decided, he would still have to see Elizabeth often, and perhaps be a patron to Elizabeth bathing machine business :D

    I could picture Caroline, misconstructing why Darcy took her night gown, and her face when explained that it was for his 'wife'.

    You'll keep Darcy hidden in the carriage and unseen by Mrs Bennet for now, right? I'm not certain I want Darcy exposed to Mrs Bennet quiet yet, although it could be fun, and exasperating.

    What more have you install for us? We got four more Bennet sisters, three are just as likely to be married, Lydia more so, although her husband will be troublesome, possibly a bigamy.

    More please Enid, not sure which, F&F or F&C, love both!


  36. Oh no, I hope they won't be able to annul their marriage! No, Mr & Mrs. Darcy, you just have to stick together for the rest of your lives!
    Please update soon, Enid, before I tear my hair out. :D

  37. Fire and Cross - Just read today's update and wanted to stand up and cheer! When Darcy told Caroline that he was the one who told Mr Bennet about her trying to steal the necklace, I could just picture her with smoke coming out of her ears and nose....Louisa was so right when she called her a stupid b...!

    As for what will happen when Elizabeth gets home and finds out that Darcy will be coming to Longbourn to stay...Oh Boy! I can't wait!

    Great, as usual Enid! Keep it coming!

    Big Hugs from West Virginia!

  38. I love Elisabeth and her acerbic retorts to Caroline.

    And Caroline goes away in London (small jump of enjoyment)

    VIVA Darcy

    And mr Bennet is so .... excellent !!!!!!!!

    Enid all your stories are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!Please update soon !!!!!!

    (ps: I'm french so sorry for mistakes of spellings or grammars)


  39. Wow, Louisa must be really mad at Caroline, for give Mr Bennet a chance to blackmail her into hosting two, what she would consider most disagreeable teenager, or whatever the teenage equivilant in that time.

    I think she should have Charles spend money to hire a governess extra to help her with education Lydia and Mary.

    But, how long are they going to be at Netherfield, anyway? surely it would be odd to keep them so long, plus, Lydia would get board, and on the other hand, short term would probably not shipshape the girl :D

    Are you really sending Caroline to London? I thought keeping her at Nertherfield and to have Mary and Lydia torture her would be excellent revenage. In fact, I could picture Caroline punishtment, having to teach the two Bennet 'sluts' LOL

    more please Enid, either F&F or F&C, I'm not picky :P

  40. Thanks Sandy, Lucy, Ragazza, Mia and Hana for the great comments. I had autumn blue again yesterday (or I'm getting more and more like Mrs. Bennet?) and got very worried and nervous about my writing, characters and plots. It's good to read and reread your comments to keep me going.

  41. That update spell NB, LOL
    I like Mr Bennet very much, but I wonder if we could send Mr Collin over to Netherfield, and have him marry to Lydia, or better, compromise Caroline :P

    See, keeping her in the county was a perfect idea, after all, she will be a gentleman wife, after Mr Bennet die, and she can have the satisfaction of being intimate with Lady Catherine De Bourgh, what more could a tradesman daughter ask for?

    How soon will we get more Enid? And How is F&F coming along?

    What wonder what plans for the estate does Darcy have? and will Elizabeth try upset them to contradict him? No, I suppose she not into punishing Darcy right now, and her tenants deserve better.

    I'm not sure who I rather read about next, Mr Collin at Netherfield with Miss Bingley, Miss Lydia, or Darcy and Elizabeth in a close carriage chaperone.

  42. Mr. Bennet is not too subtle. Love his inappropriateness. So Mr. Bennet-like!

  43. hehehe i dont think Caroline is going to go down without a fight...i wonder if its possible to deposit Mr Collins at Netherfield, i dont think his poor nerve will survive if he stays under the same room with the nephew of the great Lady Catherine.*hint hint* Mrs Caroline Collins, mistress of Longbourn does sounds grand!!! she is going to be cousins with the Darcys, and if things go well with the improvement, Longbourn will have a much better income by the time she become a mistress.

  44. Fire and Cross -

    "Lost their carriage"! Oooooo this has distinct possibilities!!

    More, Enid, want more!!

    Love this story and now can't wait to see what happens to our ODB & ODG 6 inches deep in mud! LOL!

  45. Hana, Lucy, Riiya, Sandy, do you know how many tenants Longbourn has? And seeing that bedrooms there are rather small, where will the occupants take their bath? I'm thinking of how D&E will get rid of the mud, wink! Yes, Caro is not going away yet.

  46. Loved Grandma Jones...wide hips indeed! Too funny. Too bad about the mud. At least they are both dirty.

  47. You tease, Enid, is there a lake or pond near by?
    Those farming method sounds very modern, and very costly, how many greenhouse will they build? will Darcy make us of one LOL

    I like Grandma Jones, although, poor Elizabeth, Darcy must be very obvious in his admiration

    Longbourn house is not that small, surely, certainly thrice the size of my aunt house, and thats big. Although, I do not might if that share bathroom

    You know I want more, Enid :)

  48. I'm shock, I think William Collins slept with Caroline Bingley, and George Wickham will be a good man in this story?

    And I did not see Darcy, much, this time, not fair Enid more of F&F please.

    And Mr Bennet isn't dead, who was to said he was near danger when leaving Longbourn? Can you declare one death this way? Is it seven years already since he left?

    I'm more incline to leave F&C aside in favour of F&F, please Enid, need to read more

  49. F&C-Enid, I laughed out loud when Collins found out who Mr Darcy was! What an idiot!

    As to the size of Longbourn, I really don't know and don't even have any guesses. We do know the Gardiners visited from London so they must have had room for guests and were able to accommodate the children, too.

    Mr Bennet would have had a separate bathing room but I imagine the girls would share one. Don't have any idea about Mrs Bennet but the guests would have had a bathing room I imagine, especially since women and men were so separated.

    It's been discussed on another site that the tenants might have been as few as 4-5 or could have been even a few more. That's about as much as I can guess and that's all it is, a guess.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what is going to happen now that Collins has entered the picture. How soon will Lady Catherine show up? And, what will Lizzy think when Collins spouts off about Anne de Bourgh being Darcy fiance?

    And...how are things at Netherfield? LOL!
    Can't wait for more Enid!

  50. Enid, you are a wicked wicked authoress. I don't even want to speculate on who had been intimate with whom in F&F and just take it all with grace LOL (You should know by now that I love your wicked and unpredictable ways)

    F&C: Oh... Mr. Collins, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bennett, and Elizabeth in one house...interesting how you changed Longbourn into a male nest now. Can't wait to read what's going to happen when Mr. Darcy is thrown into Mr. Collins company everyday. I just hope he won't go bald!

    Hug hug,

  51. The update was too short for my liking, Enid, need more, and in particularly F&F. Well, maybe more F&C is also okay.

    Wow, I did not know that glass house farming has been around that long? But, that is alot of glass building to put up and I think the expense would be beyond Mr Bennet budget, surely?

    I guess as this is no longer a NB, we can't expect anything wild to happen in the river, but I like how Mr Collins found that Darcy - his esteem patroness' nephew was 'walking' with his cousin.

    Again, how will Mr Bennet get rid of Mr Collins, he have to marry Caroline after all :D

  52. hangnhu said: "Again, how will Mr Bennet get rid of Mr Collins, he have to marry Caroline after all"

    I'm still hoping for a compromise scheme of Caroline's gone wrong that ends up with her actually compromising Collins! What a hoot that would be! :)

  53. Thanks Hana, Sandy, Mia and Lucy, strange, my replies seem to have gone. Fire and Cross, I love the idea of male nest, but Lizzy and Jane are there. Collins will be very useful to make Lizzy choose so I'll keep him there at the moment. And I haven't forgotten Lydia and Mary at Netherfield. Finding and Fighting, yes, a lot of wild grouping has happened but Louisa shouldn't be at the masquerade!

  54. She is so busted--- scoping out the man-candy. Loved it!

  55. F&C - If I had Darcy in my laundry room naked and sitting in a tub of water, I'd peek, too!!!
    Loved the kiss...excellent!

    I thought I'd fall off my chair laughing when Darcy announced that his integrity was questioned and he would have to investigate the source and discuss it with his good friend the Archbishop!! LOL --Collins exiting rapidly without even finishing his meal was priceless.

    Now....to get Lizzy to change her mind! Hmm! I suspect Darcy can be "very" persuasive!
    Now...is Mr Bennet really ill...is there a reason for the family to be worried? Oh Dear!

    More, Enid, More!
    Hugs - Sandy

  56. Darcy is not naked, Sandy, yet!

  57. Awwww shucks! But even a half-naked Darcy will do!! :)

  58. I dunno, Enid, I think Darcy and Lizzy could still get pretty close with Mr Collins at Longbourn, it only a small house, after all. And if they had to 'share' the bathroom area downstairs, then it certainly is very small (how come no en-suite if some rooms?) or am I mistaken, and they simply wash in the laundry room because of their muddy person?

    Shall we trap these two in the library? Now that we have Mr Collins at Longbourn, I suspect it will take a lot of work to transfer him over to Netherfield, perhaps he could be ridding and caught in a storm? It's Autumn to winter after all, and England is known for it wet rainy condition :D

    Let also have his bedroom next to Caroline and he entered the wrong bedroom at night, and compromise her, somehow, LOL. I know, it won't be that easy, with Caroline's attention to detail, but then, she's fuming at the moment, and angry people are not always wise, or in this case, careful where needed be.

    Come back soon, Enid, but next time, I hope to read F&F.

  59. Oh enid! i love this. i have read the story about 4 times already and keep hoping there will be more. pls let there be more?! i love it! (oh wait i thinki already said that... oh well.)
    truth be told i love all the stories but this one is one of my favs.


  60. Haha, so you're set on match making Collins and Caro? I'll see how it goes. Next should be Wicky making an appearance. Dina, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. So how do you want the story to proceed? Give me some inspirations!

  61. I blame this story, somehow I'm simply set on a Caroline and Collins match here. Normally, I won't care, although I like it where she is married to the Colonel, but this time, I simply must have a C&C match :D But, boy, Darcy dream was HOT HOT HOT, I can't say it enough, and I must say, that was very good compensation for not updating F&F.
    Keep going Enid :D

  62. Wow! What a hot dream. And FD's priceless rebuke to Mr. Collins LOL. Enid, this FF is absolutely funny and Maxi Sexy. The laundry room must have been steamy by the heat generated by our favorite couple. And is Mr. Darcy going to replace the ruined pillow, hmmmm! This is one of the best so far, it has it all. Don't keep us waiting!!

  63. I was going to write about Wicky's appearance but then Mr. Darcy must have his say about his hot dream. As for the pillow, perhaps Lizzy will find it, hehe. Now I'm debating, a walk to Meryton or dinner at Netherfield first...Pity Collins refuses to face Mr. Darcy yet.

  64. My dreams come true: the obnoxious curate gets a fraction of what he deserves LOL. Ah, and the max devious Enid has set up the stage for the down of the orange chicken into the greasy arms of the fallen Collins. What nefarious stages is Enid laying? I am anxiously waiting for another hot scene between FD and EB...and for the developments at Netherfield. Your pen, ehem, keyboard is a masters tool. Btw what did FD do with the pillow? Hmmmm

  65. LOL, orange chicken and greasy arms? What a great image! Next is a walk back to Longbourn and dinner in Netherfield. Now where is the pillow? You can tell me about it...

  66. A brawling, yippee :P pity that Wickham got away, but excellent setting to remove Mr Collins to Netherfield
    can't wait for more, Enid :D

  67. Hana, you asked for it, so you got it! Collins is now aheaded for Netherfield, though unconscious.

  68. Oh my, someone is thirsty for blood. I have a feeling Collins alerted his patroness with that letter. Oh well, he got punched and I hope his nose is cracked :p

  69. F&C - That slimy, weaselly, little worm! Of course we know his urgent post is going to Lady Catherine...dare we hope he wrote the direction very ill, indeed!!
    Wickham escaped...not good...but the best part is that Collins is now unconscious and heading toward Netherfield and Caroline!

    This is sooooo good Enid! More please!


  70. Enid: You are onto something... A new genre PP erotic comedy..Hot,sexy and full of laughs..How about if FD hid the pillow with his clothes. And Mrs Bennet has been reported of the missing item raising questions in her bubble head? And maybe the orange fluff gets compromised by the greasy crawler? If anyone can pull it is you..Go at it..We are waiting. (GloriB)

  71. Mia, Sandy and Gloria, thanks for the lovely words. I thought about this scene when I walked to the post office, hehe. And what better way to get Collins to Netherfield, as requested by Hana, by having Bingley to knock him cold. Now Lady C is alerted, Wickham is on the loose, Lady Susan is reforming Mary and Lydia, Caroline is plotting... And the pillow, well, I think a certain young lady will find it, haha, if my muse co-operates.

  72. great story premise!! I'm still confused about how caro the cow knew about the necklace? But I like the direction you're taking it!

    aka betsy

  73. I haven't gone into the explanation about Caro yet. Thanks Betsy for visiting.

  74. F&C - That was a very emotional scene. I was so glad when Lizzy said: “I do not want a marriage like my parents, where life is not shared but merely existed,” she said, “I would have liked to share not just happiness but pain with my husband.”

    These two are beyond the courting stage, I think. They are understanding each other so much and have grown so close in such a short time.

    Now, do we go to Netherfield only to have Caroline Bingley ruin the whole evening? Or will her's be the one ruined?

    More please!!

  75. Dinner at Netherfield will be a hoot, at least I hope so. I'm working on the seating arrangement. I probably need to draw it out this time because of so many people involved and I plan to have a lof of revelations then, unless the characters do not operate! Big hugs to you too Sandy.

  76. Enid, I wonder if Darcy recognizes the change in Elizabeth. She almost considered him as her fiancee already. Ahhhh... Love love love.... don't we need more of them? ;)

  77. Yes, Darcy is pretty dense. Men! I think he really needs Lizzy to ask for it...

  78. That was very tender of Elizabeth, making Darcy confess his heart while embracing him in her heart. I love the picture, the love and the moment.

    Darcy should propose now, unless he is as you and Mia alluded, too blind to notice the difference in Elizabeth

    men, can't live with them, can't live without them :P

    So, a big dinner is coming up, and snobby Caroline is hosting it. I'm scared though, with the Colonel at Netherfield, Caroline could easily compromise him, instead of Mr Collins. I have to trust that you will have Mr Collins married to Caroline before the end, right?

    how is the muse going on the F&F front, Enid? don't think I forget, did you?

  79. Hana, I didn't promise a Collins and Carol pairing, I'll have to see how dinner goes. You're so right about those frustrating men! F&F? It's difficult to write a good Wickham...

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    More Enid....a lot more!!

    BTW, love the new avatar!


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  82. Enid, that was an excellent update. I enjoyed Elizabeth and Darcy squirming through breakfast at Longbourn, and Lady Susan seems equally a harridan as her aunt Catherine :D although, she is less oblivious compared to her niece.

    I love the dinner too, though Darcy have to stuffer Elizabeth's absent. I don't think the comatose Mr Collins could compromise Miss Bingley now (you're very mean :P ), or Miss Bingley, because A. Darcy is staying at Longbourn, so gone the room confusion excuses, B. I don't think she have plans on the Colonel either.

    Will she call back Wickham? She could do it to spite Darcy, and maybe to set up Lydia, although Wickham may not take the commission any more.

    So, what will you plan next? And where is F&F, Enid?

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    Big Hugs...and the cupcakes were a hit!! Of course, my DH had to sample, too! I told you...he's a chocoholic! :)

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    You're not really going to give them a "long" engagement, are you? These two will need to marry soon, I think, if there behavior at the beginning is anything to go on.

    Caroline had better watch out....she could still be called as liar and a thief for all the ton to know about. She still hasn't had her comuppance, has she?

    Ahhh...nothing like a good "cat" fight to start my morning off right!!

    More Enid...more! Too funny!!

    Hugs sweetie...and don't worry about the chocolate, just get a faster treadmill!!! LOL!

  86. dry orange??? LOLLLZZZZ Enid, you cracked me up. I love this Elizabeth and Darcy. She's so spunky and Darcy is just clueless as to how to handle her. My God, I think I even like Lydia!!!

  87. Enid ...

    This is too much ... not really!

    Lady Susan sees Caroline as a burnt orange that will never regain it's sweetness and Mrs. Foster sees Caroline as a dried orange!

    If Darcy were a bit sharper he would have caught on to Elizabeth when they talked of Wickham. When he wouldn't speak she interjected that she did not want a marriage where she could not share both pain and happiness.

    Of course, it is easier to digest when reading and re-reading. LOL

    Wonderful. Sharp, witty repartee.

  88. Oh my...true mayhem and then some: hair and blood and orange peel flying all over the place. LOL..I read it when I woke up, and all I can say is that laughter works lots better than coffee. It was just beautiful how Caro got some of her comeuppances…Well, well, you have a winner, I cannot wait for more! But wait, there are still a few open issues, and one must wonder what your muse will whisper to you? Hmmm, I have the feeling it will be as naughty and delightful. Ah…Darcy is truly enthralled with Lizzy’s rear, he is really in a bad way, but surely he will get to the bottom of that particular concern! Enid, you made my day,.. you bring laughter and much more..GloriP

  89. Thanks Sandy, Miaka and Cheska, I'm working on Caroline's first set down, which will be soon. As for Lizzy's swaying her buttocks for Darcy's enjoyment, I think that's his wishful thinking or hallucination.

    Long engagement? If I can keep their hands off each other, it will be very long.

  90. Oh, I cut down on chocolate every other day to once a week, hehe!

  91. Yes, Glori, this Darcy has a certain fixation. I hope he doesn't have more dreams and ruin more of Mrs. Bennet's linens, LOL.

  92. I was going to make the same comment, but refrained, I want to be surprised...Great minds think alike? ..LOL..GloriP

  93. I just got caught up on a bunch of chapters and they were exciting. Caroline has gone too far but I am glad because it is speeding up Darcy's engagement. Mr. Wickham & Mr. Collins both need to be taught a lesson & sent away. I look forward to more because this story is loads of fun!

  94. Hehe, Glori, no linen is involved in this chapter but you never know. Lucy, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Collins need to be sent away too? Hmm, let me see what I can do, haha. Evil author is plotting...


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