Dec 7, 2008

Really Angelic

Be an angel and leave me some comments


  1. I see that I am the first to comment and hope there will be others. This is good and I want to see where you take it. I think you are so creative and entertaining--those are the best compliments I can offer anyone, I assure you.

    I also would implore you to adopt something of this philosophy: Write because you have a story to tell even if not as many are listening at the moment. Others will gather around the fire to listen.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I actually find it a bit easier to write and post as I go without worrying about chapter length and grammar first. Maybe I will finish this story easier.

  3. I am definitely liking this. Who could the person able to change from man to woman be and why is she (he?)in Lizzy's room? I guess the title of the story offers a hint to identity but why is the angel(?) here?

  4. Good start to a story, I am anxious to read more.

  5. My mind is divided to write the angel as an impatient being or a compassionate soul.

    Maybe how Lizzy reponds will determinne that. Thanks for commenting.

  6. My suggestion would be a compassionate soul who can pushed into impatient irritability, given the right stressors. I'm the same anonymous who responded before.

    Are you ever going to run this story on AHA, or do you plan to keep it only on your own website/

    I like it very much!

  7. Thanks again for commenting.

    I will post in the usual boards when I have a few chapters written. My muse is very slow lately so I don't want to have the pressure of posting regularly in the boards.

    And you can see Michael/Mihaela is rather impatient because he/she has another angel to chase after. Can you guess who? *wink*

  8. So, as an angel, Lizzie must be kind and patient with Darcy? I wonder how that will work out for her? And how it might make him respond diffeently. . .

    I will be happy when you post this on AHA or even DWG. It's easier to follow the boards because I'm on them almost eveyday.

    I also hope you are not giving up on on other stories you have open--especially the two most recent.

  9. Thanks A

    I don't think I can post on DWG, there will be heaps of hot stuff. And I haven't given up on Savage and Chemical Reaction. I even have a targetted completion dates on them. Though it own't help your wait, I know. I will try my best.

  10. Good update, write again soon.

  11. I enjoy reading what you wrote so far, I hope you'll update again soon.

  12. Thanks Courtney and Hana, I'm off work from now till 4 Jan. Hope I can write more during the holiday.

  13. If only Darcy wishes Elizabeth were in his bed, what chaos could ensue :D
    I look forward to your return in Jan, though I cannot but hope you could find a minute or two between now and then to update

  14. Hi Hana, i'm going to try updating throughout the holiday in Dec, so have no fear. A

    nd you are a smart one! Darcy does creates some chaos with his scandalous wish (at least in my plot plan). Let see what Lizzy's reaction will be.

  15. On my, what a naughty Angel, to be allowed to be used by her own charge. Now is a time where Michela should apear to lecture Lizzybell on Angels' duties, or perhaps Miss Bingley should try entering - to compromish Darcy, natuarlly.
    What happen next? Should he woke up and found her in him embrace?
    Or are they really going to float?
    Update again soon Enid :D

  16. You want Miss Bingley? Haha, you may get her!

  17. what can I say? pray Heaven no one saw them, not even the Angels.
    Oh dear, what will Elizabeth do now? She just mated with her ward, and he believed the whole incident to be a dream. Maybe that was God will, she meant to marry him in order to look after him to make up for not being there before, and after all, that could explain why his life has been very sad thus far, because he did not have his Angel watching over him.
    What will happen next? it things get serious from here? I was so looking forward to be bit more mischief due to Darcy's unconcious wishes.
    Maybe Elizabeth escape before Darcy wakes and she kept 'that' buisness to herself, as duty to her charge and her family reputation.
    I look forward to more updates
    thanks for spending more times on this Enid.

  18. DAMN Woman!! That was totally HOTTTT!! The plot line is very clever and I'm anxious to see where you take this...but, DAMN, that was HOT!!!

  19. and that my dear is why you are one of my HMS mentors!!

    Quick question can I add your link on my list of P&P fics?

  20. Hana, did you hack into my computer and have a peek at the plot plan? You're very close to the mark on several things.

    Frances, it's hot in Sydney! Maybe Darcy and Lizzy are visitng *wink*.

    Kathy, sure, link away! HMS mentor? You do come up with some inventive names.

    Happy New Year and I had a great birthday, eating way too much!

    Will try to update in the next few days, thinking of the "confrontation" at the Netherfield Ball, hot or angry?

  21. Enid, if only I could hack into your computer and read the everything before you post, atlas, that is a skill I lack as I have never been trained in the field.

    Poor Darcy, wondering what is in his head at the moment. I hope one night, since Elizabeth have left Netherfield now, Darcy would be brave enough to call for her again in his sleep and this time she would fly out of Longbourn window and enter his room via the balcony and thus explain her story and duties to her charge. But off course, HMS must ensue immediately after, as Darcy could not possibly believe her directly - despite her wings, because he had already concluded that she is his dream's angel.

    Let him not discover the truth at least until the Netherfield ball, when holding her hand he will then recall all those time he took her maidenhood, but let him run to london the next day due to being scare out of his wit when trying to accept these supernatural reasoning.

    I have no idea how you're going to pull this as long as Hunsford, or even as long as summer at pemberley, but with Wickham and Collins in between, I sure you'll think of many more hilerous 'incidents' to entertain us.

    Please update again soon & happy b'late b'day.

  22. Hana,

    It may be too dangerous for a provisional learner to fly over 3 miles! So you have to wait a bit for more D&E actions. But I am sure Collins and Wickham appearance will keep you entertained.

    Thanks for your comments again!

  23. PickyWickly? how could he of all people be an Angel? I suppose that would discount him ever having children and that also means less work for Darcy who normally have to provide for Wickham's natural child.
    I suppose the 3 miles flying would be too much specially when she hardly have time to learn and her first attempt across her bedroom she landed on the floor.
    So, who is Wickly's ward I wonder, not Mr Collin, or unless every person is assign with a guardian angel as well as what opposite and Wickham mean to create trouble for Darcy? Afterall, Wickham grew up at Pemberley, so he must have fallen into Pemberley as well.
    How did he even know his fellow Angels and Lizzybell do not?
    You got a lot to answer for Enid.
    Hope to read more soon.
    ps: do you mean Elizabeth will fly to Darcy bedroom at some point?
    If Elizabeth cannot have children, does that means Darcy can't marry her???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  24. Hana, you will learn a bit more about PickyWickly with the latest update. For D&E crisis, you will just have to wait till the plot unfolds. *wink* Love your comments! Big hug.

  25. Angel of Temptation, well that certainly makes alot of sense. Poor Lizzybell, let us hope PickyWickly job is only to tempt mortal/human and not fellow angels. And pray that Michael only revealed what Wickham said, and he truly do not know who her charge is. I could imagine Wickly enjoying himself if his job is he have the added bonus of revenging against Darcy as well as tormenting Lizzybell.
    Where did you come up with all these name? Wickham would be very good at his job, does that means he will return to Himus sooner? Can Angels request to remain on Earth, I'm sure Lizzy would prefer to live as Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn. Poor girl, can't have children, she wasn't even born.
    I can't bare meeting anymore angels, I hope the others are more attentive to their work, rather than nosying in their fellows duties.
    I wonder what happen at Pemberley when Darcy was eight? Unless that when Lizzy got taken away from Pemberley? which would sound about right, because Mrs Darcy/Lady Anne did not die till Darcy was at least 11.
    What happen to the real George Wickham? surely Lizzybell & PickyWickly did not fall into Earth at the same year?
    I can't wait for the Netherfield Ball, where Wicky turns up trying to do his 'job'. Lizzy refuse to dance with anyone but end up in the Garden with Darcy.
    When are we going to get Lizzybell flying? I wanna fly [:D]
    Enid, is this going to follow JA timeline with your twist enbedded or will it eventually be completely Alternative Universe?
    Next thing you'll tell me Lady Catherine is an Angel on the run/hide. [:p]
    always hoping for more.

  26. Lady Catherine the angel? *shocked* What a great imagination you have Hana! It's not in my plot plan but hey maybe it's worth a try...

    Yes, I will try to follow JA timeline as close as possible. Wickly fell on Earth earlier than Lizzybell, I will work out the explanation in the story later on.

    Lizzy will fly soon, I hope, sit tight and great to read your comment.

    Many thanks.

  27. that is hardly a confrontation Enid!
    but I could just imagine the next part, or not. Lizzybell storming toward the library, in Darcy's wake, only to be stop by Wickham at the door (no one told her that Wickham is absent). PickyWickly tries to force his attention on Lizzybell, she pushes him off, etc and Darcy rescue her. I can't have him knowing the complete truth quite yet, we have to let him know the truth at Hunsford, or better, at Pemberley - though that is too far away and dunno, not right.
    If Darcy find out she is an Angel and can't bare children, then they will have the summer to decide if he could actaully marry her, while Lizzybell ask to be freed of Himus.
    Another thing, if Lizzybell don't do her job properbly, would that not mean you get stuck on Earth forever? Isn't that great? Elizabeth would then have to disregards her duties, although then it means she won't keep Darcy happy either. Himus, Himus, too much rules and troubles, better remain a human, that hard enough as it is.
    Lol, I was just teasing you, Lady Catherine as an Angel - but then her on the hide isn't such a bad thing, maybe she isn't hiding from Himus but from the land below the earth, or she was sent there to annoy everyone.
    Are we gonna get another bit of HMS between Lizzy & Darcy?
    Perhaps Miss Bingley discover Lizzy learning to fly and scare out of her wits and demands to leave for London directly as oppose to Darcy interfering with Bingley's this time.
    After all, he is still rather hazy, right.
    Was he trying to appologise about the library incident? I hope not, let him still believing it to be a dream, though the evidence must have been too much.
    You know, if Darcy know the library event actaully happen, shouldn't he offer marriage to her by now?
    Mr Collins need to be slap, please let Lizzy slap him, no? I guess that is asking too much, she is a lady after all.
    I can't wait for the next part, this story is too distracting, I meant to be drawing!
    always waiting to read more.

  28. I know Hana, real confrontation in the library. Drawing, I can imagine Lizzy in wings now. Thanks for commenting. Will update more in the next two days. Too excited tonight.

  29. Hana, don't give me too much ideas! The latest update was totally affected by your comments. I did not plan for the kidnap at all.

    Time to go back to my plan! *evil glint*

  30. Lol, and here I thought I succuessfully hacked into your computer. So, what will happen now? Will Mr Bennet sees these two before Darcy could ask why Wickham said that they were the same kind? Will Mr Bennet forces Darcy to leave Hertforshire as oppose to demanding that he marry Elizabeth? Or are we to expect HMS? I have no idea what you planned, but you did say that you will try to follow JA timeline, so I thought to suggest prolonging the story. I don't mind Mr collin proposing to Lizzy in the morning, so long as she refuse and run into the wood and calm herself with the diversion by learning to fly. I am still waiting for her to fly. And as Darcy is still at Netherfield, let him see her through the window, and race out to the wood on his horse, only to arrive too late and once again believe every encourter with Lizzy to be a dream. What will Wickham do now? are we rid of him? Will Darcy be rid of him? pray let there be no elopement between Lydia and Wickham in this story, after all an Angel are forbidden to marry.
    I hope for more HMS, for flying, more beating of Wickham, and even more Micheal

  31. Another great post! This story is certainly turning out wickedly funny and very sexy! I'm glad Lizzy was able to beat Wickless instead of being abused by him and I hope she finally confesses all to Darcy so he can confess all to her! Thanks Enid!

  32. Thanks Hana and Frances, Lizzy has to dig herself out of the situation. But she is getting herself into another one though.

    Hope you like the latest update. I work out first part of Savage too and put it up temporarily here. But Angel is too distracted, part 2 has to wait.

  33. Wow! This was HOT, steamydarcy indeed!
    I certainly hope that A. Darcy did not forget too close his door while running from his room to the garden. B. Mr Bennet would be searching for Elizabeth in the library and nowehere near the garden or else where around the house. C. Miss Bingley to be too occupied with her hostess duty. Although to be honest if Caroline Bingley had walk in on them now, I would love to witness her expression, because A. it would be priceless, B. she can't tell this to anyone, as the vision is surreal due to the wing and should she try expose Elizabeth, Darcy would certainly know that his dreams were in fact reality and that only meant he must marry Miss Bennet.
    So, once again Elizabeth have tuck her ward in bed, and wonder why she could not resist him before leaving him to his state. I wonder if she could not resist this man because he has been commanding her in his head, hence as her Angelic duty, she could not resist it power.
    I love the flying, but more is requested :D, and more HMS off course. Are we still to have Mr Collins next? Where have Wickham gone of to? I hope he hasn't figured out that Darcy is Elizabeth ward, that is I also pray he haven't known before either.
    If only my dreams are anything as good as Darcy. I look forward to some mayhem, mayhap in London, where Elizabeth have to follow (her duties), though he does not know this, yet.
    You go Enid!

  34. I hope your muse continues to visit you with this story. I really like the angel/human Lizzie and the heat with her and Darcy.

  35. fall asleep at the most convenient time, leaving Lizzy picking up the pieces...
    2 HMS already and its only Netherfield ball...not that I'm complaining...
    anyway back to the angel old is Lizzybell anyway? when she fell of the crack she was just born? or just turn into a baby when she reached earth? does she have another ward before Darcy? or she was born at the same time as her ward?
    I wonder what will happen to Darcy if Lizzy marry him instead & giveup her immortality so she can bear children....hehe this reminds me of a Charmed episodes where one of the guardian angels (whitelighter) marries his ward (a witch)

  36. Thanks Kathy, Hana, A and Aurel, no discovery or forced marriage. I confess I have never watched Charmed or Buffy. I'm from another generation *wink*. Hope it won't turn you off from reading my stories

    More will be disclosed about her angelic history when the time comes. But I'm afraid no more HMS for awhile...

  37. Awww, that was too short! I do love her swift thinking, and her frustration of it all! Would Will slip-up and say the name of his angel? TrickyWicky, is a good name for that guy! I like that Caroline's plans for a great evening were foiled, Ha! Til next post. See ya, Mommakittie

  38. hmm if the angels are real,what about the others? I was thinking of succubus for Caroline but then if she is one, men wouldnt be running away from her. I'm sure you can come up something evil for Caroline?
    speaking of flying, Lizzybell must be really tired now, after all that HMS & now flying 3 miles, when all she ever done was flying around her bed...ooh dear that scene still crack me up till now...ooh and i've been meaning to ask you. Are angels allowed to swore?

  39. Hi Mommakitty, I try to update as often as I can even if it is just a few hundred words, I hope that in this way my muse will not stall under the pressure of posting a full chapter. I will post the story in AU and AHA after I finish Chemical Reaction, as I have 5 chapters in hand.

    But now according to P&P timeline, separation from Nov till April.

    Wickham and Caroline, what a pair, I do plan something for them, but in Savage. Not here.

    Aurel, Lizzy is extremely tired, she feels isolated and used. But we know what follows (not Collins) but Hunsford. She will get her chance to say her piece.

    Swearing angel? Mmm, let me check with Zenobie first. *wink*

  40. OK, Lizzy is worried about Darcy and defiant against P&P timeline!

    She's going to London.

  41. Aurel, Michael did swear in Lizzy bedroom flying scene!

  42. yes...that's why I asked... hahahaha ...dont they have rules against that? but then again this universe allowed free sex between angels.. so why not.
    Is Darcy really sick or just too embarrassed after his adventure?
    hope to hear more about the angels rules.. surely there's some meaning behind their meeting 10 years ago

  43. I hope you have some mischief up your sleeve for this london trip. I'm not all concern with JA timeline, you should write as it suit you. I'm glad that Lizzybell is a fast leaner and manage to fly back to Longbourn quickly, and pity that none saw her in the night in the horizon.
    Is Darcy dilerious? I hope to read more of the interation between Bingley and Darcy and 'my angels' account. Will there be an avenging angel? someone need to put caroline in her place. I beg you to have Darcy and Lizzy meet at a ball in London, before anything else, what scandal will it be should Darcy call Lizzy 'my angel' across the ball room, say on 12th night?
    I thought Mrs Bennet told Collin that Jane is as good as engage? How could he still try to propose to her? Thank goodness for Lizzy's disposition, but does this means Mrs Bennet do not approve of Mr collin?
    Has my wish come true? Mr Wickham is out of our lives? he lose nothing to start a new life else where and is welcome to tempt anyone but E&D.
    Keep up your muse now Enid. You gotta hold out for the angel by name of Lady C :D. surely you need not worry about posting on other boards quite yet.
    One of this day, Lizzy will take her charge and fly off into the sunset right Enid? :D

  44. Enid
    Love how this story is progressing! But marrying poor mousy Maria to Toady was too cruel!! LOL!! I'm curious to see how Lizzy is revealed to a sober Darcy and how she'll manage to remain a human to marry him! Love It!

  45. Did Darcy ask for those things aloud or did he merely fantasizing in his head? You must post again soon and tell me how things progress throughout the night. If Caroline mangage to prevent Darcy's plan for the day, surely Bingley and Darcy could call on the next day and Caroline can't drug them forever, can she? Darcy must be viligant and a chapter or two in the future if you could put Caroline in her place would be an appropriate thing to do.
    the druging sound like a scene from our chinese action-costume drama. Lizzy not going to let the night stop her from flying around london, surely. between 2-4 is the silent hours of the night, unless they are at a ball. anyway, why could she not walk half way, now that she'll know where darcy house is, or I hope Darcy knows where the gardiner house is.

  46. "Blast the man! Did he not have a moment of pure thoughts? Did he have to make her reach the peaks every night? Not just once, but sometimes a few times in a night."

    Oh cry me a river Miss Lizzy!!!

  47. Yuck, my replies are gone. Now retype.

    Thanks Frances, Hana and Kathy. Yes, toady wants a pretty wife. That's why poor Maria is sacrified. And it's good to have Lydia goes to Kent.

    Darcy has those delicisious thoughts and because Lizzy is near enough so she hears them.

    Lizy must act now in case Caro moves in for the "kill". Let see how she can go back to help the big man without anyone discovers it.

  48. hahaha maybe caroline has given darcy some stimulant pill so that she can start her hunt, but lizzy came and...:P

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. tis not fair that you haven't post again yet, I bursting with curiousity to know what will happen now. Will Darcy recover to return to the Darcy's house tonight or fall under Caroline's evil scheme. you mustn't listen to miaka_seichi suggestion on stimilant pill thingy and pray that Miss Bingley is still a lady in that regard. Or, should she try to enter Darcy's chamber, his valet will kick her out! What drug was it anyway, I hope the side effect are minimal and a few hours rest would cure it all, or if they would puke everything out.
    Will the Darcy, Bennet and Bingley attends any ball while in London before Lizzybell leave for Kent?
    I don't suppose there would be any HMS encounters while in London if Lizzy cannot fly in the dark hey?
    Please you must update soon.
    I saw you put this in coming attraction at AHA btw, good for you.

  51. You CAN'T let the orangecicle get the upper hand!! She's dangerous...bring Lizzy to the rescue PLEASE!!

  52. You certainly have a way of make us thirsty for more. You could not possibly leave things as such could you? Will Hurst discover them? Let him think strangely of the way in the room and only summon a maid and let Darcy escape before Caroline returns. I fancy a HMS encounter but within Grosvenor Square is the last place on earth I could tolerate such behaviour from both Darcy and Elizabeth. What if Caroline walk in on them? What if the servants walk in on them? If someone must discover Darcy, let it only be Hurst and he would support his fellow gentleman and not Miss Caroline Bingley.

    What will Jane thinks? BTW, it is a very long walk between Grosvenor Square and Gracechurch Street, at least an hour and a half. It could take me three with my short legs. Please have Miss Darcy recover also. Now I think the drug must be sleeping dosage, for if a bucket of water could revive Darcy, it must be so.
    Enid, update again soon, I have no heart to read anything else you write but this. I must put ESCR & CR out of the way for now, because RA is regency! Regency stories are much higher in my priorities.

  53. LOL, Frances, Miaka and Hana, I have no clue things get so much of out hand when Lizzy demands to go to Lonodn. Now I'm in a bit of corner. Let see what Darcy wants under the bed.

    Yes, Caro only has the sleeping draft (this time!)

    And Hana, the carriage ride is only into a few minutes when Darcy calls Lizzy, so it is only a few houses wallk for Lizzy back to Hurst's house. Jane takes the carriage back to GraceChurch street.

    But is the Hurst rich enough to live in Grosvernor Square?

    I know most of you like regency. Will do my best to update soon, but have to work the whole long weekend. Thanks for all the comments.

  54. I smell HMS coming. Hope I'm right. C'mon Enid, give the poor guy what he wants (he's been fantasizing too long :P). But under the bed huh? hope there's enough room then lolz.

  55. hmmm seems like Caroline is nothing but a mere human, but I wonder if Hurst is something more. Hope we are going to have more London scene before moving to Kent...

  56. Phew! Good for Darcy, never to step into the Hurst's place or see Miss Bingley ever again.

    I shall look forward to the next Darcy & Elizabeth confrontation. Darcy would undoubtly argue against himself regarding the 'compromised' situation at the Hurst Town house, and will think on the three other circumstance and try to gather proof that they weren't dreams.

    When is Lizzy leaving for Kent again? If I recollect correctly, she and Jane has been in town above three weeks and should be going to Hunsford sometime within two weeks? I guess if Darcy don't have the Gardiner's address, I guess the next meet up must be in Kent.

    You can prove me wrong, of course.
    ps: I'm not sure if it ever in the book, but from one of the BBC series, the Hurst lives in Grosvenor Squre, but it could be Place or Street instead of Sq.

    It not bad to place them around there, the aristocrat would more likely have their house in Park Lane, or a street under their own title/estate name.

    thank you Enid, hope your muse remain everest high.

  57. Miaka, Auriel and Hana

    Thanks for the comment. OK spilling a bit of plot secret here: I actually intended for Darcy to visit Lizzy in Gardiner's place, to check her out about the dreams, before they move to Kent. And more hot actions in Kent, I hope, if everything goes according to plan.

    Will check out the tv series when I have time, I remember the scene when Jane visited Caroline, maybe there was a sign of Grovsernor Place there.

    Just need to finish this weekend of WORK, WORK, WORK!

  58. Do I need to get the pokey stick out???

  59. what happen to you Enid?
    please say you haven't misplace your muse, please come back soon

  60. Kathy and Hana, I can see the flying poking stick coming my way.

    I just finished all the hard work today. Things never went smoothly! *crying*

    Will work on Darcy soon. I wrote 2 sentences last night and then crossed them out because Darcy was unhappy about it!

  61. Short update posted. Will work more on it. Happy Reading!

  62. ooh dear that boy really should stop drinking...all that alcohol..i fear Hunsford is near

  63. Hahahaha poor guy. Hope everything goes as he planned in Hunsford

  64. Are they moving to Hunsford so soon?
    By this rate, I think we should keep Elizabeth in London slightly longer.

    I know this means that the Hunsford event will be longer away, but hey, I'm sure you'll fun writting out the HMS stuff in between :D

    Do let Darcy and Elizabeth go to a ball together, or at least the theatre or a carriage ride in the park, Enid

    good luck with finding time to write. I know how hectic life can be, as well all.

  65. Auriel and Miaka, D&E had a detour. I *dreamed* up this latest plot twist last night when I couldn't sleep.

    You're right, Hana, Hurst had a house in Grosvener Street. But sorry, they are not having the carriage ride in the park.

    Hope you all like the surprises.

  66. What has Miss Bingley done now???

  67. fat lady? hmm i wonder who is that.... Lady Cat? nah... cant imagine her as fat...Mrs Younge? ...

  68. Good grief man! Talk about open mouth insert foot! *GAH*

  69. you really make my days Enid
    I love all the updates so far, although I haven't a chance to read this latest one yet, but I'm sure I'll like it as much.
    Looks like Kent is far on the horizon at the moment, but I don't mind if this deter away from the orginal JA timeline.

    I hope to see more updates, though I can't check your site everyday as I used to. I lost my internet and will be that way for some weeks yet. but luckily i have too much school works and office work to worry about.

    Darcy finally figure that she is his guardian angel :D who is the fat lady I wonder?

  70. oh de la!!! You gotta love it when Darcy can't keep his mouth shut lol

    Thank you for the updates Enid... can't wait to read more

  71. Uh Oh.... he's in for a real trouble

  72. I'm can't wait to see how the next part will be, but it looks like you prove me wrong again

    Lady Catherine had taken Darcy to Kent, and Hunsford looks like it around the corner

    I hope there will be something special for post Hunsford and you'll jump to summer at pemberley as well

    I wonder if Elizabeth is ever going to confront her parents or Mr and Mrs Bennet

    It an E&D story right?
    I'll die if you wrote all that and she ends up returning to Himus.

    please update again soon Enid

  73. Thanks Kathy, Hana, Elyscia, Auriel, Miaka for commenting, Darcy was putting his foot in his mouth when I felt really sleepy and had to stop right there. I don't want Lizzy to be angry with him forever! Hope to add a bit more sparks and spice to this Hunsford. But my plot plan is in a bit of chaos at the moment. Lydia was supposed to be in Kent too, but Lady C spoiled it now by bringing D&E here earlier. Let's see how I can dig myself out of this hole. Fear not Hana, it's definitely a D&E story. There will be a chapter of angst, but I will be short with it.

  74. goodness.. foot in the mouth disease indeed... and this time he cant even blame the alcohol...smirk..come to think of it, if he is under the influence of alcohol we might be getting HMS instead of foot in the mouth situation

  75. I'm back with a hot update. Hope you enjoy it, though Lizzy has been saying she hate it a few times.

  76. Kathy said it only too well.."Lucky Bitch"! You know, Lizzy was lying when she told Darcy that she "hated" succumbing to his erotic lovemaking....she needs to come clean and admit she enjoys the lovemaking... she just doesn't enjoy not being in control.
    Keep it coming Enid!

  77. Darcy got the upper hand for once

  78. I love that chapter, Darcy so devilish,
    can we have him command her to go to Pemberley right away?
    Although at some point he, both of them actually, will have to work out how this will work. He can't have her as his mistress, she is a higher being after all. But then she can't have kid, and of course there is the Bennet family. She may be an Angel, but is had been Elizabeth Bennet for 20 years. It would be good if you could explain why the real Elizabeth Bennet died as well and this why this Angel resembled her.
    I'll leave everything in your capable hands and hope to read more soon.
    ps: I'm glad you didn't make another angel out of Lady Catherine

  79. bad bad Darcy ...can I have him as a guardian angel?

  80. Kathy, Frances, Miaka, Hana and Samantha, Darcy can't be too bad all the time. He is submitting to her request this time. But brace yourselves, tomorrow may not be so cosy, I am afraid. We must move on.

  81. Whaddya mean her soul flew back to heaven???????

    Is her body now lifeless??Is Darcy going to be charged with anything?

    PLEASE post soon!!

  82. Darcy can be bad all the time, I really don't mind. Is anyone going to discover them ever? This feels like the tv soap Sunset Beach, people are never around when sinister things happen. But, it is too much to expect, they are in the middle of nowhere and a cottage. Has Lady Catherine blow up yet? has Anne deBough died yet? When are these two returning to London or Longbourn since you won't take them to Pemberley.

  83. Hi Kathy, I won't kill Lizzy off, so rest assured. Hana, I like a bad Darcy too but he has too much of a good upbringing.

    So should Lizzy be forced to marry Darcy? And guess what Lydia is here for?

  84. i LOVE the 'conversation' that is very smart of Darcy...lets have a speedy wedding so we can have more HMS

  85. YAYYYY they are engaged!!!!
    I'm so facinated with this Darcy. He's just wicked and playful. He got Lizzy under his thumb hahahahha
    I hope you are not serious when you said she's not going to be able to give him an heir.
    Hope by some miracle she's pregnant already or at least at the end there will be some miracle that will make her a normal woman

  86. Your story is such a delightful little romp ... it brings a smile to my face each time I see an update. Looking forward to seeing how you bring about a happily every after for D&E.

  87. I don't know how many updates I missed, but your story will brighten my week. I love how Mrs Bennet react.
    But surely you're not planning to have Mr Darcy married to Lydia? cause I doubt that any consideration would make Picklywickly marry to Lydia and she'll be ruin!
    I'll wait for you to unravel the rest and enjoy it as best as I can.
    I find that I could not predict the next part, but I'm sure you would masterly erase all the confusion and Elizabeth would eventualy return to heaven after a number of years as Darcy wife. Later he would have to marry again for the sake of an heir. Or you would bring back the real ELizabeth Bennet and she had marry Darcy. Anyway, what ever happen I'm sure it would involve the orginal EB.
    Thanks Enid, looking forward to coming back next week and read another entertaining update.

  88. oh God, no no don't bring back the original EB. It wont be the same!! I'd prefer it be this one or none at all for Darcy. I'd rather you get him kill himself and join his guardian angel in heaven if she won't be able to join him on earth.

  89. Thanks Kathy, Aurel, Miaka and Harmony, Darcy is very confused in this story, I think. He is wicked one minute to get what he wants and then feels guilty another.

    So where should they have the wedding? The finale (yes, I'm plotting the finale now) will have to be in Pemberley, the place where everything begins.

  90. Oh, I missed the last two comments by Hana and Miaka, Madams, don't be alarmed, I am a D&E writer, so there is no chance of having Darcy and Lydia together. As for the finale, sad and unfulfilled ending normally earn more points from readers and get to remember more by readers. But I'm afraid I'm the happy ever after person. When I take up a novel, I always check the ending to see it's a happy ending first before I read it. So I won't do that to the readers. If you want some tears, you will have to read some other stories.

  91. yes no tears for me too..i always check the ending first before reading a story...or at least D&E ending guarantee before reading a fic. i wonder why elizabeth was told she will return to heaven..i thought guardian angel duties is for life ( the ward's life) well wouldn't that make her duty to stay is to stay with Darcy until he dies?

  92. true true!!!
    she has to stay and take care of Darcy FOREVER!!!
    lolz sorry I just don't like substitute or sad ending, but I find substitute is even more annoying. it feels like betrayal to me. At least when I read an ED fanfic where at the end both of them die, I can think that they are together in heaven... call me romantic :)

  93. I am so enjoying this story! Can't wait for more!

  94. how troublesome is the colonel, but at least he does not crave lizzybell for himself.
    I can't wait for more updates
    what have pickly told lydia I wonder?
    hopefully you'll have the wedding done in the next chapter
    but I have a feeling that you'll have lydia elope first, after all she wouldn't be lydia bennet otherwise

  95. Thanks Aurel, Miaka, Tink and Hana, sorry for not updating for a while. I was debating where the wedding to be hosted and which of the baddies should come along. Yes, unfortunately, there will be baddies around.

    Tonight I just finished an update. But Darcy didn't want to talk. He was more interested in HMS *rolling eyes*.

    Aurel, my Himins is a bit chaotic and "liberal" so anything can apply. And miaka, no substituting for me either.

    Next, let's go shopping in London! After that wedding in Longbourn, and things will come to full circle in Derbyshire, where everything started. Enough encouragement to urge you to read on?

    Should try to work on Savage tomorrow. Bigfoot Bingley and Willow Wickham compete for word space with Lady C and Sir Lewis

  96. I need a big fan!
    HOT! If only I have such a guardian angel to tend to my needs, off course mind has to be a male angel.
    Enid, you rule!
    I look forward to all the chaos you're planning
    for a few second there you got me scared, I thought you were planning to have Mr Collin as another angel.
    I love this arrogant Mr Darcy :D

  97. I'm charmed as well,
    and everything is in place in
    but I hope that elizabeth and darcy would have at least one child at some point.

    what crazy things are abounds next I wonder? I love this Mrs Bennet, I hope Mr Bennet will too be charmed by her.

    Are we off to Derbyushire anythime soon? after all that is where everything starts from.

    Oh, but I think we're going to see a bit of Caroline Bingley first.

    And I must demand an engagement ball for Lizzybell & Darcy before you ship them off to Hertfordshire.

    Go go Enid, I love this story!

  98. shinny skin? did they even think of that back then? lol
    looks like Mrs Bennet hasn't change that much
    what will happen at the ball? I hope Elizabeth & Darcy behave themsleves
    how will the Tons react when seeing Darcy engage to some nobody?
    I pray you to give Lizzy & Darcy a child
    but I think that will all be resovle back at pemberley where everything started right?
    and you know, I don't think Lizzybell should return to Himus unless she was guilding Darcy back there
    after all, a gaurdian angel should be for life.
    meanwhile bring on the witchy Miss Caroline Bingley :D
    I'm all for more updates, Enid

  99. Hangnhu, thanks for the lovely comments! The week is a bit busy but I promise to write the ball within the weekend!

  100. Hi Enid, I really like the story! Wickham the tempting angel! Hilarious!

    But there seem to be chapters missing. I hope you'll update soon.

    BTW I like your site very much, but I hope you'll keep posting with us too. :)


  101. Enid...

    Love this story! The interaction with Lady M was priceless!

    Can't wait for more!

  102. If only Lady Cat could be that easy to win over!

  103. Lol, Mr Collins a demon and Miss Bingley his client. Why was I not surprise :D I love the new twist, but please spare my nerve and fluttering hearts, no scandal please :P

    I guess we will learn that Miss Bingley, Elizabeth senior by three/five years, learn who she prefered as her future husband and instructed her 'demon' to kill the child? and Zenobi somehow found out and argue with his wife who was definding his twin brother? and thus heaven crack open and Lizzybell fell to pemberley?

    but that was to outlandish, even for me. I trust you have a better plotted structure in mind. I protest to the image of the leering Mr Collins, btw!

    Go go Enid :D

  104. I agree, Collins a demon with Orangiana as his client is some twist! I can't imagine where this is going to go!

    Orangiana can't win!

    Oh...where is Mihaela/Michael when you need her/him! There has to be a way around this. Check your petna Lizzybell! You've got the power to fix this just ask the right questions!!!

    Love it Enid and can't wait for more!

  105. Aha...a united front!!!

    Look out Corcifa... Michael, Lizzy and Darcy will be feasting on toad legs and Orangiana will be nothing but juice!!

  106. Lol, Miss Oringina certainly knows what she wants. What if Mr Darcy agrees to go as Mr Collins say, and kill that witch! And better, let us have everyone there as witness to Caroline' scheme

    I wonder why Caroline never resolved to this bargain before, now it too late, Darcy will always love Elizabeth. Though who knows, Darcy could have been in love with Elizabeth since she saved him from that carriage accident

    more updates are always anticipated!
    you bring a smile to my day Enid

  107. Hi Slywia, I started posting the beta version of the story in AHA and AU, so most of the unbeta version is taken down except the current one I ‘ve been working on. A bit complicated.

    Tink and Kathy, Lady M was too nice a person to keep being scary. Hehe.

    Hangnhu, you have great imagination. But if duckface knows she wants Darcy when she was five years old and asked for a demon’s help, I would have thought she would have married to him by now. But I like the way you weave it into the cracking of Himins. I will explain that when the time comes.

    Sandy, yes, Michael is lazy away and needs to do some work. Hehe, Kathy, toady said no one could touch him. Maybe he had a few tricks up his sleeves.

    Darcy kills Orangina, hangnhu? That may be difficult if he sees Bing again. And Caroline didn’t make the bargain before because Darcy was never this besotted before and the wedding announcement was made.

    Many thanks for the comments. You urged me on.

  108. Sorry for the long delay. I just updated the story. Hope to work on it more this weekend. Happy reading!

  109. Thanks so much Enid for the update.

    This sounds good...Lizzybell might be able to stay with him...then again, will she then be able to have her own children!?

    Of course, after they dispatch the baddies!!

    Love this story, can't wait for more!

  110. Finally!
    That was too short, what have you been up to? surely there isn't that many stories to read out there? And unlike me loaded with school works.
    Darcy gonna fight foil against Caroline, that I have to see :D
    btw, I never thought I would say this, but if Darcy needs to kiss Caroline to defeat her, then go for it. Just make sure he eat onion or gardlic before hand and wash his mouth with soap water afterward.

    anyway, look forward for more
    ps: Hana is me, just incase you might wonder where she went.

  111. Alriiight time to kick some demon butt!

  112. Sandy, I know, the question of the heir. I promise you will know more when they return to Pemberley. Kathy, now I've to look into your witchery bag to see what I should give to Duckface. Hana, it's good to know I haven't "silent" you with my lack of update. I had over 1000 stories in my P&P folder. When I didn't write, I re-read them. But yes, all of you should kick my butt too. I really want to get rid of the demons and get on with D&E's wedding.

  113. Sounds like the end is near, eh?
    I wonder what's going to happen to Ms. Bingley and how they are going to explain her scars. Serves her right tho. Keep updating, Enid!!!

  114. Hot and steamy is right Enid!!

    Our favorite Angle is quite a little devil in the bedroom!

    I can't wait to see what happens next with Orangiana! Everyone knows what she did with the sleeping mixture, and will her brother order her from Netherfield in the morning!

    Can't wait to find out what's next!!

  115. what a night indeed, but I can't believe your story is near ending
    bless the softhearted zenobi, I'm curious, where do you get these words and what do they means. are they latin or something? himus, zenobi, corcifer?
    are you intending to tell us what exactly happened to the real elizabeth bennet? her sudden death seems very mysterious and somehow I think it all tide in with how lizzybell came to earth than merely zenobi arguing with his wife.

    the wedding in the graveyard was absolute comical, who came up with orangina anyway? caroline first dress at the assembley was green.
    poor miss bingley, :D

    keep up the good work
    and I voted for the spinster

  116. miaka and Sandy, yes, I need to find a place for poor Miss Bingley. And I feel there are entirely too much HMS in the story already so I may skip the wedding night.

    Hana, about how I find these names, normally I have a name in mind, like heaven and I check the latin, german, etc origin and variation and choose one I can pronounce and it sounds right. I will try to tie up all the loose end in the last chapter. If not, you can always smack my head.

    Thanks everyone for the next story idea, Spinster is leading. The problem is making it funny....

  117. Enid,

    Now I'm really worried! What will happen without Michael! And where is he! Oh dear! This doesn't look good at all.

    And, what will happen to Darcy and Lydia, two mortals in the battle that is sure to come!

    Oh...relieve our suffering soon Enid!

    I love this story!

  118. goodness, but wickham shouldn't concieve, elizabeth should know that
    or does it works with female and not with male or, you know what I mean

    more trouble on the horizon, but at least everyone is back in derbyshire where it all began, I think you will clear up everything so

    shall we have a visit from zenobie do you think? of even the dead elizabeth bennet, know idea why I'm so curious about her, except that she is one unsolved mystery.

    next thing you'll tell me is that Micheal has been promoted, so someone else is the lost angel officer which is why he isn't answering.

    anyway, carry on with the good work
    and you're right about the spinser story, but I'm sure you'll spin a comedy somewhere in there, it your nature.

    night Enid

  119. finally they are safely married, but whatever happened to Michael? busy chasing Wickham? i wonder about Anne though, is she really pregnant? if she is, is it Wickham or Collins? what a headache for Darcy ... even if he find Wickham he'll be at lost what to do...force him to marry Anne or Lydia and if not what to do with his errand cousin & sister

  120. Oh Enid, this I did not expect.
    And now we get to see Zenobie and Himus, what does he looks like I wonder and why of all this time she returns, especially when Darcy is in trouble. Do each person have a guardian angel, if so where is Lydia's angel? Was that crack in the sky the work of Zenobie and out of curiousity, I wonder who answer the question each time an angel write on the petra?

    I thought you had two chapters left, it seems there are more content to come. I look forward to how this story resolve itself.

  121. So many questions? You want me to extend the story to an epic? My head is spinning...

  122. a female? hmm Anne Darcy maybe? she left Darcy's dad after her duty is done?
    btw epic you said? i have no objection, none whatsoever...

  123. Lol, but you like my questions anyway
    I hope that voice is A. the real elizabeth bennet B. zenobie wife who will promo for elizabeth to go back to earth.
    some sort of fight will break out in himus and more angels will fallen to earth once more, and more work for micheal :D

    an epic? nah, I'm sure you want this concluded and begin with retsnip comedy. but if you feel there are still more protental and your muse is still high, then epic away :P

    go enid!

  124. Oh Enid...but if Lizzybell goes back to earth and does turn into a human, who will get help for Darcy? He may already be dead for all she knows!

    Oh...I do hope she loses her powers only gradually...after she gets him to Pemberley in one piece and is able to get help for him.

    I want to see lots of little Fitzwilliams and Lizzybells running around Pemberley for years to come!!

  125. Sandy I made some amendments right after the carriage accident. Sorry to confuse you. You can go back to read it. Darcy is back at Pemberley but he is feverish. So the danger is not gone yet.

  126. Thanks Enid, but I still want to see lots of little Fitzwilliams and little Lizzybells running around Pemberley for years to come!

  127. I do believe that Elizabeth Bennet will take over Lizzybell duty and now be Darcy guardian angel, after all, he is her husband by name.

    a tempting angel could conceive? I didn't realise, but Wickham is getting away too easily, will he now marry anne deBourgh or Lydia?

    so we are to learn what happen to lizzy bennet the night she died, and darcy will be happy to know that his wife can be impregnanted

    will we get to meet with zenobie wife? I wonder what did they argue about that fateful day many years ago

  128. OMG Enid!!

    Zenobie's wife is still on earth!! So, who is she...please don't say it's someone like Lady C!!

    Oh My....I can't wait for more of this!

  129. Yea! They're together again! I am so happy but I can't help but think that you have a bit more in store for us!
    We still have to deal with that snake Wickham.

    I don't understand Zenobie...he lets Wickham, (as evil as he is) torture and rape and hurt humans and yet he can have children, but a good angel like Lizzybell who and falls in true love can't.

    Zenobie has a lot of explaining to do! He had better come up with a very appropriate way of punishing Wickham!

    I am so loving this story!

  130. Ah, so sweet! I loved the trip to heaven and the details of how guardian angels work. But you left a mystery as to who Zenobie's wife couldn't be Lady C could it?
    I'm so glad that Darcy & Lizzy are reunited and I can't wait to see Wickless get his come-uppance!
    Great story as always Enid!

  131. Enid, I cannot read your latest update on 'reunion' a page error keep appearing with error 404 page listing out of date or misspelt url, etc

  132. Ah, what a solution, though I never though that zenobie wife would have kidnapped elizabeth just because she want to be a mother.
    seems like everything work out for the best. all we need now is an epilogue. i wonder who zenobie wife is in earth, but i guess something must remain a mystery :D
    thank you for writing this story Enid, I look forward to more of your wondeful writing

  133. Sandy, Frances, Hangnhu, thanks for the comment. I am still have some explanations. There is Anne and Lydia to settle. Then Wickham, Zenobi's wife and the speculation about the future heir of D&E.

    Yes, it's quite unfair, tempting angels won't shoot blind and guardian angels can't conceive.

    Thanks for following so far! Big hug.

  134. I suspose it makes more sense that tempting angel always concieve, because this is proof of sin, but I wonder if you have another woman tucked away, richer and more robust than anne to marry wickham, because certainly wickham won't want to marry penniless lydia

    ah, so you're going to resolve the story of zenobie's wife, not that I minded, wonder what mystery will be left when this finish?

    carry on the good work enid
    and I love your egyptain quicky

  135. another richer woman...who could that be? Zenobie wife will make a final appearance. Thanks Hana, Darcymose is bowing to you.

  136. Enid,

    Such poetic justice!! Wickham can no longer seduce women because his "Little Wickham" won't cooperate, not even for Mrs. Younge! ROTFLMAO!!

    And I thought I would lose it when Miss Bingley came out claiming to be Mrs. Darcy! Hurst of course should have put her in bedlam, too, but at least Orangiana and Wickham are both where they can no longer cause trouble for the Darcy's, I hope.

    This just seems so fitting for them both! Thank you so much for the update and I can't wait till you post the rest!!

    Love this story Enid. Thanks,

  137. Thanks Sandy for your patience, I still have to work out PickyWickley's children, and of course D&E's

  138. what an excellent conclusion to Pickly Wickly career
    you rock Enid

  139. OMG! Sarah was Zelina? Didn't see that coming! I'm glad that she designed her own penance and became a servant to Mrs. B. She wasn't who or what I was expecting. Great surprise!

    Of course, Lydia is still Lydia...glad Denny has some good sense and the girls will be taken care of....Anne and her daughter will be taken care of too!

    As for Darcy's penance..he is now Lizzy's love slave...don't think he'll be complaining too much!! Lizzy can still make him "fly"!

    And… Zenobie is now the Guardian Angel of Darcy and Elizabeth! Oh Enid…what a great ending to a great story!!

    Thank you so much!

  140. Enid, this was a fabulous story! I was so surprised when Sarah turned out to be Zelina. You write the most imaginative and seductive stories! Congratulations!

  141. This is such a good story. Funny and naughty and very entertaining. Thank you for you efforts and for sharing your imagination.

  142. Many thanks Hana, Sandy, Frances and A for following the story from beginning to end. I wouldn't be able to finish it without your comments and encouragement all the way. And of course your suggestions and questions became parts of the plots.

    At first, I actually wanted to spare Wickham and gave him a decent life ex-angel, but the readers have it! Haha


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