Apr 11, 2011

Competitive streak

This building in Shanghai used to be the tallest hotel in the world. I heard that Hong Kong has another one that just surpased it. Why do people like to compete? The tallest, largest, smartest etc.


  1. Maybe because of the inherent challenge -- the alternative being "stagnation." We can compete with ourselves, with each other, with "outsiders" to the team or group, with nature -- but I think there is an element of competition in everything we do. There's a need to go farther, to surpass, to be and do more than we are or have accomplished today. That's not always a bad thing. If only we could harness this spirit and channel it for good -- avoiding MINDLESS and POINTLESS competition -- we could go so far. We went to the moon, didn't we? :)

  2. Yes, that was a good competition. Maybe, we will race to live on Mars soon.


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