Aug 26, 2010

Darcy as a dragon

I like to write in different genres, because my boredom threshold is very low. But how do I get inspiration?

The Dragon Gentleman is a short story featured in My Darcy Mutates...which I love very much and hope to one day expand it further. The inspiration came from reading Sarah Hoyt and Sofie's A Touch of Night.

It's a wonderful, magical and dark story that featured Mr. Darcy as a shapeshifting dragon. I tend to write more funny story so I've set The Dragon Gentleman in future. And my story is no where as good as A Touch of Night but one always live in hope to write better...Here is an excerpt to wet your taste.

“What can you do Dragon Darcy?” she asked.

“Everything Dragon Wickham can do and more.”

Elizabeth was amused by the little dragon’s reply and teased it. “Do you have a personal vendetta against the giant dragon?”

“We were made by the same manufacturer, at around the same time, but he’s always too charming for my tastes.”

“It can serve, please and deliver,” Elizabeth stated, challenging the tiny dragon with its rival’s abilities.

“He’s best able to please his masters with his bright green colour, gigantic size and silver tongue, for those who are into outward appearance,” the little dragon said dismissively.

“And you’re not into that?”

“I’m deeper than that. I promise loyalty, honesty and responsibility to my masters.”
Elizabeth nodded at this further sign of the tiny dragon’s intelligence.

“You look rather lonely,” it observed. “I’m good with heart-to-heart chat, should you feel so inclined.”

She raised her eyebrows. Perhaps it was too smart for her.
“I compared your facial expression to my database, and deduced that you’re smart, decisive, lonely, pretty…”

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  1. Definitely a different idea. Is he a real dragon? Sounds like he's sort of an thinking robot. Does the story go on longer so we see whether she chooses Dragon Darcy or Dragon Wickham? (Or maybe I should say "why" she chooses.)

  2. If Darcy has turned into a dragon, I'm curious about how they would actually do it ... is there a continuation of this story?

    Cold As Heaven

  3. Hehe, you have to buy the book to continue reading then...

  4. Where do they sell it? Going to Sydney would be really cool, but kind of long way to travel for a book. Unfortunately, I've never been to Australia, but hope I'll get there some time >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  5. On the right, you can find links to Amazon or lulu...


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