Jun 13, 2010

More retirement plan

Triple announcement - Final, NC-17

Elizabeth thought back on the day the discussion about beer belly had taken place.

“I’ve an announcement to make,” Darcy said.

Elizabeth raised her eyebrow, continuing to wash dishes inside the caravan.

“I aim to lose this beer belly.”

“Try running.”

“Nah. Having sex is more enjoyable.”

“But one hour of love making only burns about 250 calories. It needs 12 hours of non-stop sex to lose half a kg.”

“Well, I want to lose 10 kg before we return to London. That means 240 hours of hot sex!” He pressed her against the caravan wall. Without foreplay, he pulled her jeans and panties down with one shift move.

She laughed and bit his earlobe.

Moaning out loud, Darcy unzipped his own jeans and shoved into her roughly. He banged into her wet hot core hard, fast and furious, until they reached a huge climax together.

“Perhaps a tiny cm is gone now,” Elizabeth breathed heavily and pinched his belly.

That sparked another arousal in him. He placed her on the tight bench top and pulled her legs wide apart.

“Are you serious?”

“Dead serious! 240 hours of hot sex to flatten my beer belly.” When he lowered his head to lick her folds relentlessly, she could only grab the bench top edge and shivered against his ministration.

Nine months later, Nick Darcy was born.

Caroline of course had a lot to say about the figure of Elizabeth, the 49-year-old new mother again.


  1. Think I would go for the non-stop-12-hour option rather than running >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. The girl has to keep up with you. Thanks for the comment. Needed it, after our football team's lost...

  3. Sorry about the soccer result, Enid. Hope you have better luck in the next game. I only saw the 1-0 goal to Germany in the airport while waiting for the plane to the north.

  4. Let's hope for something better!

  5. Yes, the 12-hour-option with two or three girls, so they don't get exhausted, that would have been better ... or did you mean soccer >;)))

    Cold As Heaven


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