Sep 14, 2010

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  1. F&C -
    So glad the comment thread is back...I was getting worried!

    OMG! You, my dear lady, are truly remarkable! To have this connection ... Mrs Younge's father and the events as seen through the eyes of a child...and how they ultimately grew into this immense hatred. Brilliantly done!

    Now...I can't wait to find out how all the other characters fit. Still lots of intrigue to go!

    More please and soon! Love this story!

    -Hugs from the beautiful autumn colored mountains of West Virginia

  2. Thanks Sandy. Not sure if you have seen my comments on 8 Oct:

    Big hugs to Sandy, TEB and Michelle. The truth is finally out. I've almost everything explained. Some of them Sandy and you two have already guessed. The only thing you didn't figured out was the mastermind was right there, at the beginning of the story.

    I'm working on Caroline and Wickham now. Hmm, the truth about them is worked out but how to deal with them?

  3. Akkkkk! I think we can all imagine what would have happened to Darcy if he had married Caroline. Caroline knows what Jehane really is and what she has done and what she tried to do. Jehane will probably hang for her offences. Women in regency times were hung for much much less.

    And here Caroline is as an accomplice, she beat Collins, she attempted to steal from Elizabeth and tried to attack her...I would imagine that her sentence would probably be deportation.

    Will Bingley send her to that friend in Ireland or get her further away by sending her to the Spauldings in America just to get her out of England? He had better act fast if he doesn't want to see her end up in Bedlam or worse!

    Wickham could hang, too. He stole not only the drawing of the cross but he also beat and stole from Darcy and he was one of Jehane’s accomplices. But...since he didn’t actually kill anyone, will he just be deported?

    At least everyone knows that Caroline never felt anything for Darcy...only his money and position. That should keep mamby pamby's: Bingley, Mrs Hurst and Jane, from feeling sorry for her...if, she is telling the truth. I still don’t trust her. Caroline would do anything to save her own skin. Maybe they could marry her to Collins anyway and then ship them both off to America! *wink*

    Loved Darcy thinking...for all Caroline’s lust to get into the first circles...she portrayed a woman who was a prostitute! LOL! Someone should tell her...I think that is how Jehane thought of Caroline. She only wanted Caroline for what she could do for her...kinda like what a prostitute would do for the men they serviced. How low Caroline has fallen.

    Oh Enid, this story has everything...including a bit of history, too! I’m on pins and needles to read more! Post again soon!

    -Hugs from rainy WV

  4. well, well Enid you threw me for a loop i would have never guess Mrs Younge as the mastermind, but i loved it. And i am glad to see that the post a comment thread is back.

    I am with Sandy, Caroline cannot be trusted and with Wickham in the mix i am not putting anything pass them. Mrs Younge may be the mastermind and was in total control but i think Caroline and Wickham have a lot to answer for and they shouldn't get off easy.

    Jane on the other hand is to sympathetic for my taste i never really liked her mild manner persona, what does she mean by preventing Lizzy from being in Caroline's room she is displaying more concern for Caroline than she did for Lizzy, after all it's Lizzy's life and future happiness that was in danger. Jane might be able to get Caroline to answer some questions but i don't think it's her place to take charge she doesn't need to impress Charles anymore.

    Despite my grieveance with some of the characters i am enjoying the story it is such a great read.

    well done Eind looking forward for the next installment.

  5. Big hugs to you Sandy and Michelle! I've been thinking hard how to deal with Caro and Wickham. Don't want to go too harsh or too lenient. Next up, a bit of quality time for Darcy and Elizabeth, dealt with Mrs. Younge, then Wickham and Caroline. Sigh, Darcy has to wait...

  6. F&C - [“We cannot fault late Mr. and Mrs. Bingley for providing her with the right education,” she continued. “It was unfortunate that Miss Bingley met some cruel girls at school. But some people rise against adversity. She does not."]
    Glad everyone doesn't think like Caroline or there would be many, many more murderers, rapists, thieves and the like being turned loose because it wasn't their was their parents, their teachers, etc. Wonder what motivated Wickham?

    I believe that we are all given a choice and Caroline definitely made the wrong choice and at some point we each must answer for our actions. She lied, stole, proved that she was capable of extreme violence, and assisted in such an evil plot that has left nothing but death and destruction in it's wake. And yet, Bingley says ["Caroline has been through a lot. I hope she has learned a lesson'"]
    Somehow I doubt it. Sounds like she is capable of quite a lot and this has been coming on for a very long time.

    I imagine that Elizabeth thinks Caroline is getting off easy and she is. I can only hope that Darcy thinks so too or he doesn't deserve Elizabeth. He feels anger and hatred toward Wickham about Georgiana....well....where does he draw the line...acts against Georgiana or acts against Elizabeth and her family?

    Anxious to see what happens now? Where do we go from here? Darcy may have some serious thinking to do!

    More please!

    Hugs from a beautiful autumn in the WV mountains!

  7. Very revealing update..thanks Enid...i admit i was reading from previous site and realized you were further ahead on your person one.



  8. Sandy, I've written more about Mrs. Younge. Just to add Wickham bit and I can post. After that, it will just be the epilogue. I know Lizzy and you are not happy about Caroline's ending. But I've one more thing up my sleeves. I can't say it will satisfy your demand for justice but I hope it's at least a bit harsher than what Bingley is planning to do. And Barnabus, you're naughty! Like me, you peeked at the ending. Big hugs to you all, from sunny Sydney.

  9. So Caroline and Wickham get to sail of to America to live happily together still devious and scheming.....thats so very, very wrong! I hope your punishment is to have Caroline married Mr Collins or give her a job in trade she could work for the family business.

    Whatever Caroline suffer she brought on herself because of her want of consequence, aiming high is one thing but as Lady Catherine would say trying to elevate beyond the status one is so decidely born too is highly unacceptable especially when one try to do so by illegal means.

    Caroline and Wickham needs to pay big time, Mrs Younge paid with her life that was the easy way out but Carowick needs to pay in a way that will always remind them of their misdeeds so they will think twice before they hatch another scheme.

    OH Enid i cannot believe it's coming to an end, even though i am excited for Darcy & Lizzy to start their lives. Let us know what happen five years later.


  10. I agree completely with Michele. Mrs Younge paid with her life...and Caroline and Wickham should pay dearly for everything they have done not be rewarded by a good life somewhere else so they can do their misdeeds all over again. Even a child doesn't learn unless they know there is a consequence for their actions.

    Mrs Younge was a child who had supressed many of her memories except that her father was dead and a man didn't help him. Mr Bennet himself had supressed many of those memories until he finally thought of them.

    However, Caroline and Wickham didn't have even the excuse of being children...what they did they did as thinking adults full of nothing but greed!

    I, too, can't believe this is coming to an end. Such an entertaining story. I have been glued to the computer screen since the beginning...and what a ride.

    Yes, please give us some idea of what happens down the road for our beloved couple!

    Hugs from windy WV, USA

  11. Many thanks Michelle and Sandy. Your comments are the driving force behind my writing. Without them, I don't think I will have finished the story. I know you are unhappy about Wickham's fate. But I'm trying to copy Jane Austen. She let him off rather lightly as well.

    As for Caroline, her "real" fate will be known the epilogue. Yes, I'm writing the epilogue, some steamy moments for Darcy and Elizabeth. But Darcy has been starved for too long, he has some difficulties proceeding. Haha, I mean I've problem writing the sexy scene. Give me a bit of time. Thanks, big kisses and big hugs from windy Sydney.

  12. Well...I can only hope that the reason neither name for Wickham was on the list of passengers on any ship is because someone else got hold of him before he boarded!

    But I have to admit...the thought of Caroline's ship wrecking and her being forced into a tribe of savages was rather a fitting end. No jewels, no trinkets, no pin money, not even a bit of lace! LOL! I really had to laugh at that....she soooo deserved it and worse after everything she did.

    And who would have guessed it...Lydia marrying a Lord!!! Good Lord! It's amazing what a look at death will do to a person.

    And so the Darcy's have their heir ... I love the name Max (but knowing Darcy, I'm sure it's short for Maximillian!) and it sounds like they are making the best of every minute of their time together. And even Lady Catherine came around, a little!

    Well Enid, you have led us on a merry chase. From a short little naughty bit that ended up being a full blown mystery complete with all the intrigue of a spy novel and the humor of a comedy!

    Thank you once again and now I will be twiddling my fingers waiting impatiently for the next one.

    Big Hugs from the fall mountains of WV, USA!!

  13. My next one is continuing Every Savage Can Reproduce. Pity you're not into science fiction. Well, I had fun with Caroline. But the ending, I think perhaps it's not mushy enough.

  14. LOL! Pretty hot to me!!!

    Oh Well...I've always got my eyes open for your stories and check back often! :-)

    I'll be can count on it!


  15. Well done Enid, you didn't disappoint. Great epilogue, Darcy and Lizzy seems happy and content and i am happy that the story ended with them and not one of the other characters.

    I could not have come up with a more deserving punishment for Caroline, like Sandy i think being in the jungle and living the way she is, is sweet and just punishment. Even though Wickham is not found he is not going to go unpunish life is going to exact justice in some way on him.

    I know all good things must come to an end, but why did this story have to end......I am going to mope through the days until "Every Savage Can Reproduce" i love that one as well and always wonder when you were going to finish it and "Finding and Fighting.

    Thanks Enid, your stories are a gem and i will continue to read and reread them.

    All the best!

  16. I've a "500 words a day" goal, so hopefully I can get some updates on Savage soon. I want to write a prologue, to explain the setting of the futuristic universe Darcy and Elizabeth in and an additional chapter for Captain Knightley.

    As for Miss Bingley in Fire and Cross, I have been searching for the best "punishment" for her. It seems fitting that she should dance with the savages, at least for some time. But I have a soft spot for Bingley in this story. Who would want a sister like Caroline? If I were to expand the story, I would have written more on Bingley's angst in losing his sister in the sea. But I'm a steamy Darcy addict, so the Bingleys have to stand aside.

    Big hugs and happy halloween! I've plotted a naughty halloween short story, but not sure if I've enough time to write it. If not, it can keep until next halloween.

  17. Yay!! D&E got their well-deserved and much longed-for happy ending! Too bad poor Jane had to wait for hers though...

    Thanks for completing this wonderfully different story! Mystery, adventure and D&E romance all in one place! Thanks for the lovely roller-coaster ride Enid!

    Now... back to Every Savage please!

    (...and Happy Halloween!)

  18. Happy halloween to you too Michchick! Great to learn that you've remained onboard the ride. At one time, I was seriously thinking of sending Darcy and Elizabeth crossing the channel to pin down Mrs. Younge's French connection. That would be quite a ride. But that can be for another story.

    Savage, what can I say about it, too much already and too little action. Time to put my act together. So yesterday I've finally found a way to explain Queen Immortal's action and had a reasonable ending planned. But today, I was distracted by a pumpkin on Mr. Darcy's buttock!

  19. Enid, thank you so much for this delightful story! Sorry, I've not been a faithful commenter but I assure you I love every bit of this story. Yours is always playful and steamy and very unique too. I can't wait to read what you have in store next. May I suggest 'If someone discovers us"? LOL. I love the beginning and very curious as to how it will play out, but I'm pretty sure I will be happy with whatever you throw out there :D

    Congratulations again!!

  20. Thanks Miaka for the encouragement. I know you like "If Someone Discovers Us". But I need to complete Savage and Finding and Fighting first. Otherwise, some of the readers will chase me down in Sydney. Big hugs.

  21. I second Miaka's plea for a conclusion to 'If someone discovers us'! When it was included in the My Darcy Mutates collection, I assumed you'd given up the ghost on that one! I dearly hope that isn't so! Love that one too!

    Thanks Enid! Don't mind us as we whine for more D&E goodness... we'll be happy with whatever bones you throw our way!

  22. Another wonderful story, I was up late last night as I had to read to the end. Today to my utter excitement your latest book arrived and I could not get back home from work quick enough.

  23. Congrats on the finish of your story Enid, it was very entertaining.
    So you left Wickham getting away. Vile man that he was. Makes me think maybe later you will continue this story.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thanks Michchick, Lynne and Teb. I'm not sure if I will take up Wickham and If Someone Discovers Us again, at least not soon. I like new challenges. But it's good that I've all of you here with me. Your encouragement urge me on.

  25. Oh, how lovely, I am a happy camper. This has been one of my all time favorite Darcy's. Wow, you really had a bag of tricks this time. Younge and Ms. Bingley..big surprise of the day. Lady C. with a hankey in her are my hero.

  26. hey Enid,
    just checking in to see whats happening with every savage can reproduce.

  27. Oh oh Michelle with the whips! Thanks for checking. I gave myself one week holiday. And then I started editing Savage and added an Emma and Knightley hot scene. I am up to half way with my editing. Hopefully I have some updates next week. Big hugs from hot hot Sydney.

  28. Hey Enid,
    Glad to see you back with another NB.
    Great as usual.

    PS. Change Mary King's dowry from 10.000 dollars into pounds and it will be perfect. :)

  29. Thanks Lisette! Amended and big hugs.

  30. Wow loved this story Enid, I am glad that your muse is back and look forward to more from you. I wish my muse would come back from its holiday.

  31. Many thanks Lynne. Give you big hugs and hope you will write soon!

  32. Wow! Please tell me you will continue IKEA Avsugning... But without the witch, that part didnt make sense to me... over all I really enjoyed it alot!! Continue please!!

  33. You always have good plots and I really enjoy all your erotica. The Scheming Gentleman is your best, grammar-wise, by far. This only adds to your already enjoyable fanfiction. Thanks for all your work!

  34. Thank you Wendy. Let see if you like Part 2 later on.

  35. This was so much fun! Thank you.

  36. Well, you do certainly know how to write a hot, hot sex scene. My only concern is that they have taken a step that I don't know if they can return from. Darcy is going to hate himself when he realizes that she is more than innocent in the bedroom, she is innocent of those pictures. When Elizabeth awakens the next morning, how much regret will she have. She still hates the man, and he has taken her virginity.
    I hope he finds out the truth soon before he does something he will not be able to fix.
    Enid, I am anxious to see where you take this.

    1. Wow, Linda, you said everything I was thinking. I am enjoying this story and am wondering how they will get past their (wrong or not) feelings of hurt and betrayal so that the taint of anger can be washed away from their loving.


  37. Thank you Linda and Gail, I've sent C14 and C15 to Debra Anne. Let see if she can post for me. Thank you for your patience and comments.


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