Apr 28, 2010

Friday is Fry Day

A friend gave me the word "Friday" to write a drabble (200 words story). Here is my take

Friday was “fry day” at Chez Lizzy.

“Only deep fried food? What a crappy restaurant!” William said loudly.

Chef Lizzy overhead his remarks. She brought out four plates of deep fried fish balls, cheese balls, prawn balls, squid balls and slammed them in front him.

“Taste first before you criticise!”

As a world renowned food critic, William wouldn’t take such rude behaviour.

He opened his mouth to protest but she shoved a fish ball into his mouth.

Wow, the fish ball was fiery and zesty! Like its creator.

He immediately dug in the other three dishes.

All her creations were heavenly and divine, he thought.

Before he could apologise and commend the chef, she had turned and left. He was mesmerised by her fiery body and sparkling fine eyes. He had to talk to her so he followed her, until they reached the back of the restaurant.

“What do you want?”

“Your food is sensational. Where did you get your inspiration?”

“I love to play with balls on Friday,” She grabbed his with a light hand, “including yours.”

A few months afterwards, Fridays were no longer the same at Chez Lizzy as deep fried balls were taken off the menu. Chef Lizzy married celebrity food critic William and sold the restaurant.

What's your take?


  1. Hehe, cool story.
    I prefer to eat oyster on Friday ... >;)

  2. Mmm, is that because of what oyster would do for you? Hehe

  3. Yes, and also because of what I could do for the oyster, if you see what I mean ... :>)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. Aren't we all naughty girls at heart?


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