Jan 10, 2010

Mental Grass

BF is my milking cow, figurative speaking (He said he'd rather be a bull).

I ask him for plot idea or when I'm stuck with a certain piece of writing.

Lately he's busy and can't help me much so you can see I'm a bit slow in my writing. He now suggests I feed him with mental grass.

What do you feed on to get life's inspiration?

Newspaper articles work for me so far. I read online newspapers every day and have plenty of mental stimulation afterwards.

So what's your mental grass?

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  1. Enid, I too am lucky to have a BF who helps me out. I also find reading widely helps, as does reading other friend writers writing. Sometimes my best grass is walking my dog.

  2. Walking the dog is a good strategy. You can kill two birds with one stone: do physical and mental exercises.

  3. Either doing mindless housework or napping. In either case, I'm letting my mind drift in whatever direction it takes me.

    Straight From Hel

  4. I love napping, but it normally won't inspire my muse...

  5. I end up with dry skin, but I seem to come up with good ideas in the shower.
    Walking the dog is good, too.

  6. In the shower, Kathy? Will it be steamy?


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