Apr 7, 2013

Little Darcy

Another recycled story from me. Keyword: it will be revealed at the end.

It was a hard day at work and Darcy threw his tired body onto the sofa when he returned home.

“Ouch! What the hell is this?”

He sat on something. Taking it out, he saw a plastic funnel-shape thing. He pressed it. It was soft. He was scratching his head when he remembered his conversation with his wife the night before.

“It must be very hard on you, William.”

“What’s hard on me?”

“To go without for so long.”

“To go without what, Elizabeth?”

“Sex! The doc said we had to wait for three more weeks.”

“It’s fine, my dear. I got to cuddle little Emma and you as compensation.”

“I will think of better ways to compensate you, especially for the Valentine’s Day.”

Is it a toy for me? A Valentine’s Day gift from Elizabeth? Suddenly he was not tired any more. He put the plastic cup-shaped thing over his bulge. Hmm, it fits. But how does it work? Will she suck or blow through it?

“William, what are you doing with Emma’s suction cup over your trousers?”

Darcy dropped the suction cup immediately and looked at his wife with wide eyes. “Emma’s suction cup?”

“Yes, I got it from the nurse to express milk. What do you think …”

“Nothing, nothing, I will go and take a cold shower now. Too much hard work in the office.”

The End

Can you guess? It's suction cup!


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