Feb 18, 2012

Old leather - NC-17

Two years ago, I've written this, based on the word "leather".

Jane's Instruction



“What are you doing?” William yelled in the pitch-dark room.



“Finally!” Elizabeth said as she turned on the light. “Don’t struggle. I’m only doing what my sister told me.”


“Yes, she said Charles and you shouldn’t be let off lightly. Charles for doubting her heart and you for inferring with their affairs. So that’s why she booked all four of us in this Hotel Agony for our engagement celebration.”

"Hotel Agony?"

William struggled against the handcuffs that spread his body wide open on the bed when she ripped open his shirt and unlaced the fly of his leather pants.

When he saw her take out a leather whip, his body trembled.

Elizabeth smiled and traced the numerous strands of the whip from his cheek, down his throat, chest to his pubic hair.

Then she used it to draw circles around his balls.

Panting hard, he saw her smile turned into a grin as she brushed the leather strands along his now aroused member on all sides.

He closed his eyes and thrust his hips up, savouring her ministration and yet the shivering would not stop.

“Should I give you a good whip?” Her voice turned husky.


What will happen next? It's your call...

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