Sep 25, 2011

Timeout stool for little Darcy

I'm blogging at Romance Junkies Blog about Mr. and Mrs. Darcy's unborn child in my new novel Every Savage Can Reproduce, Pride and Prejudice-inspired Science Fiction. Here is an excerpt about the timeout stool for little Darcy


“What?” Darcy’s eyes widened at Elizabeth’s insane declaration.

How could you suggest that, Mom? Logan protested loudly to his mother. He must have kicked inside the womb, as Elizabeth felt a sudden contraction. She gasped and held onto Darcy’s arms.

“What is the matter?” Darcy asked anxiously.

“Logan is kicking too hard…” She drew in a deep breath.

I’m sorry, Mom! Logan said. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just couldn’t stand the thought of even a fake wedding between Dad and that awful man-turned-woman princess Caroline Wickham.

Scowled, Darcy settled Elizabeth in the nearest chair, and caressed her belly and back tenderly. Then, with a stern voice, he talked to his unborn son. “Logan, if you ever do that again to your mother, I am going to put you on the timeout stool for a long time – once you’re old enough to be put there!”

Logan replied in a quivering voice, Yes, Dad! I promise. Mom, too. I swear. I love you both. I won’t do anything to hurt either of you.

Elizabeth nodded her head and pressed her hands on her belly. With a few more deep breaths, she felt the pain fading away.

“That was not acceptable, Logan,” Darcy said sternly. “You must understand that I can’t let it go without punishment.”

Yes, Dad.

Darcy embraced Elizabeth and let her rest as he thought about a suitable reprisal. “For your punishment, son…you are not allowed to say anything for the next two days.”

Oh…! That’s bad… Yes, Dad, Mom, I am sorry.

Elizabeth patted her stomach. “Apology accepted. Now off you go.”

Thanks, Mom, for not being angry with me, Logan said meekly, and subsided into silence.

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  1. I read an excerpt on Marian's blog as well, and like both.

  2. Thanks Damyanti, if you comment at Romance Junkies or Marian's blogs, you have a chance to win a copy of the novel and a souvenir from Oz too. Happy commenting!


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