Sep 5, 2011

Split personality?

I love that on one side of Corsica, it's all lush and green and on the other side, it's dry and rugged, like Mars.

I think it's quite human, having some conflicting characteristics. One minute, we can feel joy while the next we can feel anger. In the Spinster's Vow, the heroine was torn by the disappearance of her father for 6 years. Her mood and temper vary a lot and that is getting on the nerves of the readers.

Do you know any friends or fictional characters that seem to possess a split personality? How do you cope with them?


  1. Split personality. Hm. Good idea for a character to write, really ... could produce lots of interesting plot twists and turns.

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Where do you live again? Those photos remind me of Oregon.

  3. Split personality? Yes, maybe I know some. I've been to Corsica only once, in Ajaccio, which was very nice >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. Thanks Marvin, it will be a complicated character. Diane, I live in Sydney, but these are photos of Corsica. I've never been to Oregon, perhaps one day. C, Ajaccio is more a city. I prefer Porto, the rugged side.

  5. I prefer to avoid real life people with split personality. They are usually annoying.

  6. Ah, but you get to study more interesting annoying people, Alex.


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