Sep 9, 2011

My fascination with Corsica

In my latest work in progress, the Spinster's Vow, I'm bringing my hero and heroine to Corsica. Why? It's because I've visited the lovely island in 2009 and really want to set a story there. Hehe, the power of being an author!

It has taken nearly 70,000 words to bring my main characters there. And yet, when I wanted to describe the beauty and uniqueness of the island, my mind is filled with sub-plots and how take them back to England to solve a mystery.

It's going to be a quick trip to Corsica. How about you? Is there a place you have travelled to that you want a story set in there?

Statue of Napoleon in Ajaccio, Corsica


  1. I loved my first visit to England and have a short story idea set there.

  2. Good old England, I like it too Diane, but not the weather.

  3. I love to set stories in foreign lands I've visited especially France which I know quite well. I've not been to Corsica. Got to Nice and tried to catch a ferry over but I couldn't get any attention at the ticket booth. Must have been lunch time, lol. So, Corsica, another trip, another time. Thanks for sharing about this lovely place.


  4. That's what I try to do--place my books in exotic destinations. I had to use Jamaica for the setting of my first novel!


  5. Enid, just letting you know, I hope you didn't misunderstand - we mainly have prose flash fiction on RFWer, but several poets have joined us and post poetry on the theme. It would be wonderful if you could post a snippet of 400 words sometime. Next week's theme is Bouquet.


  6. Denise, you have to cross to Corisca, it's a wonderful place. Monti, I envy all the exotic places you have visited. I want to write a story set in Magnetic Island too. Denise, I will try, with the flash fiction.


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