Aug 2, 2011

Mating capsule

The adventure of Every Savage Can Reproduce, my new novel, starts with an invitation to the illegal mating capsule.

Mr. Darcy had heard that the illegal mating capsules were full of promising gadgets, including endless supplies of mechanized condoms, vibrators, food with aphrodisiac properties, performance-enhancing drugs, edible body paints and mating aides. If someone could imagine it, these capsules offered it. Projections of erotic fantasies could be ordered on demand. Even the hiring of men or women to conduct gay, lesbian or multiple-partner games was commonplace.

If you got an invitation from someone to such kind of establishment, will you be curious to go?


  1. Haven't got invited yet, but I would be curious to go, of course. When will you be sending out invites? >;D

    Cold As Heaven

  2. I like the idea of projection of fantasies. Which is your favorite?

    Cold As Heaven

  3. Edible body paint is good, considering how very fond of eating I'm.


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