Mar 10, 2011

Serial photos

BF's camera has the function to take serial photos. You can set it for 10 or 15 shots and just put it down somewhere and act up in front of the camera. The result tends to be quick funny.

Here are two photos, not using this function. Can you make a story out of them?

For me? They could be Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst. They are forced to wear less than elegant bikinis because of a loss in luggage.


  1. Oh my, inspiring--and I can smell the suntan lotion!

  2. My camera has the same kind of serial photo functionality. I use it when I take pictures of high-speed sports, like skiing. It's completely impossible to hit the button at the right moment with a single shot.

    That girl with the stripy bikini looks lovely >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  3. Conda, you've very good sense of smell. Haha. Cold, you're supposed to think of a story, not eating eye candies.


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