Jan 5, 2011

Build to last?

My sister bought a new computer before Christmas and since then, it had blue screen crash numerous time. She's spent the entire holiday calling up the manufacturer's hotline, extremely stressed.

Monday I bought a new air conditioning unit and today when it was installed by the store's subcontractor, it didn't work. But of course he couldn't do anything, he said he couldn't open the unit as the manufacturer will void the warranty. So I've to wait till next week for the manufacturer to send someone to repair it.

It seems today's manufacturers do not build their machines to last. Lesson for a romance writer: How to build a relationship that last? Or get it off the ground, before it even starts?


  1. The modern society and economy is based on consumption. To keep the production going, it's important that things doesn't work for more than a year or two, before we buy new crap

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Yes, my electric fan always fails a few days after a year, when the warranty expires, as if the manufacturer has put a timer in it.


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