Dec 1, 2010

Where do you find a villain?

How did your local government collect oversize rubbish? Here in the area I live in, they collect them every second Thursday of the month. You can throw out any kind of furniture and electrical goods, put them one day before the collection day on pavement.

Unfortunately people do not observe the system and throw all kind of junks on the pavement at any day. Just two days after big item collection this month, people throw away 3 mattresses, one lamp, several cabinets right in front of our pavement.

They know they are doing the wrong thing because they only operate at night, doing this kind of illegal dumping.

Just hate this kind of people. I'm tempted to point my webcam to record the street and catch them red handed.

What's the moral of this for a writer? These people are good material for a villain. Do you find an every day villain in your life?


  1. Catch them red handed with your cam. It's damn annoying with people do that kind of things.

    I rent a trailer and bring the stuff to the junkyard myself, both oversize stuff and leaves and grass from the garden.

    Cold As Heaven

  2. You deserve a brownie, for being such a nice guy!


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