Nov 3, 2010

Oliver and Olivia

It's time for baby names, not mine's, but the popular ones in UK.

It's news that could disappoint every Tom, Dick and Harry but Oliver has been named the UK's most popular baby name for a boy in 2009, according to official data.

The name, which beat out Jack, Alfie and Joshua for the title, was a lucky winner in itself.

The most common baby name was Mohammed, but no one seemed to work out what the exact spelling was.

There were 12 variations of Mohammed - each was listed separately - allowing Oliver to end Jack's 14-year reign as most popular name.

For the girls, Olivia retained the crown as most popular girls name, ahead of Ruby, Chloe, Emily and Sophie.

Austin was the biggest riser for boys, jumping from 160th in 2008 to 60th, while Maisie jumped 29 places to 34th to be the girl's fastest growing name.

Do you think Oliver's popularity due to much Charles Dickens?

You can read the article here.


  1. Does anyone read Oliver Twist anymore? Except on high-school curriculum. Must admit I've never read (all of) it, but I've seen the a TV series based on the book.

    Cold As Heaven

  2. What are the some of common names in Norway?

  3. Most popular names in Norway 2009, according to statistics:
    o GIRLS: Emma, Linnea, Nora, Sofie, Sara
    o BOYS: Lukas, Emil, Alexander, Oliver, Mathias
    So Oliver is on the list over here too >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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