Aug 15, 2010

Mr. Darcy splits into three! - Drabble, NC-17

Unbeta'd, happy reading!


“What have you done!” Angela exclaimed as she saw her ward William Darcy’s soul split into three by the lightning which was whipped up by Gabriel.

“Oh, I will fix it!” Gabriel yelled out and raced after the three Darcys but he only managed to catch one. One of them had flown off to South America while the last to Europe.

A few days later, the two angels were still trying to find a way to correct Gabriel’s mistake. Finally they found the solution in the Book of Heavenly Misconduct and Mr. Darcy’s soul mate Elizabeth Bennet was sent off, first to Munich.

Elizabeth was startled by the appearance of the man. How could he look so much like William, the arrogant lover she had separated from and left behind in London because of an argument? Wilhelm von Darcy told her his ancestors traced back to the Darcys in England. Perhaps that was how he endeared himself to her in a short time and now she found herself naked in his bedroom.

“You look like someone I know,” Lizzy whispered as she traced her fingers along his muscular torso.

“Ja?” Wilhelm said. “I have a fetish. Will you allow me to play it out with you?” His heavy accent was endearing. But Elizabeth was not sure.

“What’s it?”


Her heart skipped. She remembered talking to Darcy about their fetish. Bondage was one of his but they had never acted on it. Now two voices in her mind urged her to agree to von Darcy’s request.

With a slight nod of head, she let Wilhelm tie her up. He blindfolded her and raised her hands to the top of the four poster bed.

He took his time. Every knot, every turn of the silk scarves was accompanied by hot kisses. She felt him biting her neck, sucking her nipples, rubbing her bottom and licking her pussy. She was transcended back to England, back to the embrace of William.

When he thrust his huge hard cock inside her, she felt she was making love with her Darcy. His length and thickness felt familiar. He thrust slowly at first and then increased the tempo. She could not stop moaning out Darcy, on and on, until her voice was coarse and she reached a mind blowing climax.

Next when she woke up, she was back in her hotel, alone. If not for the traces of being tied up and the scent of having sex, she would have thought she imagined the whole encounter with Wilhelm von Darcy. She did not stay in Munich afterwards and made her way back to London.

Haven't written the Latin American Darcy yet. Can't decide what kind of fetish he should have...


  1. Nice and hot. I love fetishes >:)

    For your Latin American Darcy, what about giving him a big-woman fetish? Elizabeth is probably too neat for that, but you could make it into a threesome ... >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Threesome will create a riot among my readers!

  3. Latin American Darcy with a fetish...hurry up and write it, I love it already!

  4. Fun...fetish and familiarity. Very hot stuff...ooh maybe something with salsa for the Latin Darcy?

  5. Salsa as in the salad or dance? LOL, I'm very bad with all these Spanish terms...


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