Jul 5, 2010

Shop like a man

I confess I shop like a man, with a list, minimal fuss and minimal time. But I'm not that into the latest gadgets and trend.

So the kind of shopping I want to do in South Korea is rather different. Looking at some strange food in market can be an interesting past time for me.

How do you shop, like a man or a woman?

Photo source: http://www.seoulkoreaasia.com


  1. I'm like you, I shop like a man, unless I'm traveling.

  2. I shop like a man, of course; run quickly through and pick the crap on the shopping list, nothing else.

    What else do you shop, Enid? I'm sure is more than just exotic food and strange spices?

    What I shop? Won't tell >:)))

    Cold As Heaven

  3. Chocolate, tea, candy, T-shirt, computer things. All very innocent...


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