May 15, 2010

Soul Kitchen

I love to watch the At the Movies show on ABC TV. It's good to see the hosts Margaret and David debate about movies.

Last week they both gave Soul Kitchen 4 stars. Production was by a Turkish director and the movie was in German. Unfortunately it is in very limited release in Sydney. Will need to drive a long way to see it…

Soul Kitchen

Rated MA

Review by David Stratton

Now as Zero Mostel once said in another context, "Something for everyone, a comedy tonight". In SOUL KITCHEN Zinos, played by ADAM BOUSDOUKOS, owns a restaurant located in a warehouse in a working-class part of Hamburg. The food served is pretty basic - hamburgers and chips mostly.

Zinos has a rich girlfriend, Nadine, PHELINE ROGGAN, whose parents disapprove of his lowly status. She's about to leave for China, and at a farewell dinner at a smart restaurant Zinos observes that the temperamental chef, Shayn, BIROL UNEL, gets sacked because he won't prepare hot gazpacho for a fussy customer. Zinos hires Shayn who helps transform Soul Kitchen into the IN place to be...

Meanwhile Zinos' brother, Illias, MORITZ BLEIBTREU, who is serving a prison sentence, is looking for a job so they he can get day release passes more often. Illias falls for waitress Lucia, ANNA BEDERKE...

Director, Fatih Akin's THE EDGE OF HEAVEN, a drama set in Germany and Turkey, was one of the best foreign language films released in this country over the last few years; in comparison his new film, SOUL KITCHEN, represents a less ambitious, more relaxed work.

You can continue reading the review at ABC website.

You can watch the interview with the co-writer/director Fatih Akin and co-writer, Adam Bousdoukus here.

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