Mar 23, 2010

Are you too old?

My sister is slightly over 60 and she's complaining from time to time that she's almost finished her life. But how old is too old? Here is an interesting article from Sydney Morning Herald:

Kathryn Bigelow is a first-time Oscar winner at the age of 58 but according to most British people she's over the hill.

Many may beg to differ but a new survey show that the average Briton believes youth ends at 36 and old age starts at 58.

The good news for those feeling a little long in the tooth though is that those two landmarks vary considerably according to the age of the beholder.

The findings come from the European Social Survey, which took in 21 European countries and more than 40,000 respondents.

In general, men regarded the end of youth and start of old age to begin two years earlier than women did.

There were also large differences between European countries.

Youth was perceived to end earliest in Nordic countries such as Norway (34) compared to countries like Cyprus, where the average perception is that you stop being young at 52 and start being old at 67.

What do you think? Are you too old for more adventure or learning in life?


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  2. Interesting that the article you cite mention Norway. Living in Winterland, I have some experience from that region, if you see what I mean >;) I must say that I still feel young, even though I'm older than 34 yo. Maybe I should move to Cyprus? Think I would miss the snow and winter ...

  3. If one feels young at heart, then there is no problem with taking up new challenges.


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