Jan 12, 2010

Do you know how to pole dance?

I was watching a gardening program and the landscaper talked about the difference of post and pole.

I confess I've never paid attention to their differences before. One is cylindrical and one is rectangular.

Of course, he couldn't resist saying you can pole dance but not post dance.

From gardening to sexy dance, it's another inspiration for me. Or is it another kind of pole dancing like this?


  1. Post dancing rubs the inside of the thighs raw. Not sexy. Unless you're into the rough stuff. (wink)

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Oh my, this is wild. And did you hear about the woman who's suing a gym because she was injured in her pole dancing class?!

  3. Now Marvin, how do you know about something like this? Huh, you've done a fair bit yourself? Oh, it seems people like to sue for everything, Conda.


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