Oct 21, 2009

Halloween Contest

It will be Halloween soon and I invite you to a fun, scary or romantic contest, depending on how you choose it. Here are the rules:

1. Go to Romance Junkies Blog, open a Halloween story by writing a sentence in the comment. For example, you can start with “The old manor house was once again occupied…”

2. I will select one of the sentences to write a Halloween short story. It will feature my favorite hero Mr. Darcy and will be posted at Romance Junkies Blog on 31 October, the Halloween day.

3. Bonus: leave a name (any name, it can be your name, your pet’s or even your enemy’s) in the comment too and tell me in a sentence about the person. For example, “Colin Firth is the hottest Mr. Darcy on Earth”.

I will select one name to put in the story. Be warned, I may decide to have Mr. Darcy suck the blood out of the person….

4. You will get a mystery prize if your opening sentence or name is selected.

Contest opens to all readers. You have until Saturday 24 October 2009 USA west coast time to leave the comment. Come and join in the fun!


  1. Oh this is AWESOME! Such a great way to interact with your readers! =D

  2. Cool contest with a fun chance of blood and guts for Halloween!

    Straight From Hel

  3. Yes, hope you two can come and join in the fun, if you like a bit of blood, hehe

  4. Great, Dina, for joining in. I think I will do a lucky draw and see which story I will write.


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