Sep 29, 2009

Most beautiful beach in USA?

My BF is a beach junkie.

When Bargain with the Devil sales ranking reached No.10 in Regency romance in Canada, I joked with him that if it reached No.1 in Regency romance in USA, I would take him to the most beautiful beach in USA for a holiday, as a way to thank the USA readers, by spending some money there.

Although it's unlikely that it will reach No.1 in Regency romance in the states, I am curious to know which beach do you think is the most beautiful in USA?

Our expectation will be: clean sandy beach, NOT too many tourists (not too few either), available of good food (that's for me, hehe), good waves, spectacular landscape around and hot water temperature.

Any recommendations?


  1. Check out South Padre Island on the Texas coast. It's become popular, so you'll have to do some online checking to find an area that's not too busy in the summer. It'll have warm water, but not surfing waves (it's the Gulf coast). For beautiful landscape, you may have to leave the warm water and head north though.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Lover's Key in Estero, Fl., is a favorite but you'll have to go elsewhere for great food. Also all of the beaches on Sanibel/Captiva are beautiful and there are lots of really good restaurants nearby. I hope you reach No. 1 soon!

  3. The beaches of northern Michigan, along the Sleeping bear Sand dunes on Lake Michigan. By far the best, and bar none. Fresh water swimming, no salt to get in your eyes or have to wash off afterward, endless miles of white, fluffy, sandy beach, forests a short walk back where you can gather firewood for a sunset bonfire and cookout, have a couple drinks and then go skinny dipping under the moonlight. It is heaven on earth, I tell you.

    Hey I realized/visualized just how really far apart we are geographically. this post is published on the 29th where you are, and it's only 5pm EST on the 28th as I read this.

    The Old Silly

  4. Texas, Florida, Michigan, wow, thanks Helen, Jane and Marvin, we'll have to spend months in the States to check them all out. Marvin, you're right, I'm always ahead of you. We're your future. *wink*

  5. Of course, Enid, I'm partial to my part of the country, the Pacific Northwest. Astoria, Oregon, for it's still wild beaches is my favorite. And the Seal Cave (further down the coast) is great fun!

  6. Oregon, I don't know it at all. Must check out Google earth about it.

  7. Hi Enid,

    I love the Bargain with the Devil book so much that I have lent it to some of my family who also love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

    My Mother Mrs Joan Fletcher told me she thought it was an absolutely fantastic book so much so that my father began to feel rather neglected as she was so absorbed.

    My aunt Mrs Joyce Northrop stated that she was at work and took it with her to read in her dinner hour and got so absorbed she forgot to eat her sandwiches and nearly ended up at work 10 mins late from her lunch, as she is a part time accountant she stated that it really enjoyed reading it and that she hoped that you would write a follow up.

    I myself fully agree with their comments it is a beautiful book and I hope that you do write a follow up. I have recommended it to my fellow Jane Austen group members so hopefully you will get quite a few sales in the future.

  8. Many thanks Lynne. Such nice comment is what urge me on to write. But I do hope some bookshops will be willing to stock it in future. As a self-published author so far away from USA or Europe, it's difficult for me to sell to them. Let's hope there is demand from readers to local bookstores.

    I've a new story over at my website, work in progress though. I'm trying my hand in writing mystery, hope I pull it off. Many thanks again.


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