Jun 10, 2009

Comments on Bargain with the Devil

What do you think of the new cover?


  1. Love the story
    Love a strong independent Elizabeth
    Love a sensual Darcy

    Love Darcy is a MAN, all MAN

    Please make him. . . .. ummmm. . . . older.
    No boys are allowed

    A very embarrassed reader’s comment.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Zuki, Susan and I have searched for thousands of photos and this one seems to suit best. I do notice the man is a bit young and I don't think Zuki can add a few white hair to make him look older. If only Colin Firth agrees to pose for my cover, sigh...

  3. Enid,

    I went back to do a re-read on the story and loved it all over again!

    Great cover by the way! That picture plus the title just makes you want to read it!


  4. Thanks Sandy, I'm a bit nervous about putting it out. Purists may trash it. But what the heck, life is too short and I try to adopt the Just Do It motto. Now, if I could sort out the plots for Bachelor and Spinster...

  5. Great photo cover and I can't wait to get my copy...Congratulations Enid!

  6. Thanks Frances, Zuki and Susan were great!

  7. Enid, the cover is drop dead gorgeous! I would never guess it is a self published book. It looks so professional. I can't wait to own it. Please let us know when it is available.

    Good luck in all that you do!

    Meg (evenstar)

  8. Thanks Meg, it's now for sale in Amazon as well.


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