Nov 12, 2009

Early retirement

I've been feeling not well for the past few days, probably brought on by stress at work.

Is it too early to think about retirement at 45? How do you spend your time during retirement?



  1. Well, Enid, in one sense I'll never be retired. I'm going to work on my two passions, first and foremost writing and second, exercise instructor, until I'm dead!

  2. Well, I am retired and pretty much love it. My days never seem to drag and I do as I please. Most importantly, I was in place with a horrible boss, that I really hated working, lots of stress. I'm much happier now. So, I can give retirement two big thumbs up!

    Best Wishes, Galen.

  3. I must work harder to grow the nest egg then. Let's hope I can retire soon.

  4. Oh no you are NOT 45! I want to see a current pic, young lady! (wink)

    Retire? What's that?

    Marvin D Wilson

  5. I will be 45 next month, when you and I have the same birthday together! And you have seen my photo in Facebook. That photo was taken 2 years ago, I thought current enough. (wink back at old silly)


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