Mar 27, 2012

What are your core values?

I'm a bit stuck recently with my writing. I've several good story ideas but every time I sit down to write them, I don't seem to like what I've written.

I came across a wonderful book yesterday called Coach Yourself to Writing Success by Bekki Hill. She uses coaching technique to help writers. I've used coaching in my work life and I found it very successful. So with great anticipation, I started reading the book.

It's very interesting and refreshing. But there are a lot of exercises to complete. The first one Bekki mentioned is as a writer, we've to align our core values in life with our writing because if you truly value something, you will be able to write it with more enthusiasm.

It took me over 2 hours to narrow down my core values. I've a vague idea before. But some of the values I thought are more important to me in fact weren't. She suggested some interesting methods, like asking you to go from one room to another, and see what it reminds you of yourself. What do you like about the room and dislike about it? Note them down and ask a series of questions to arrive at the core values.

I came up with 20 core values but the top three, after very detail ranking, are: Optimism, Freedom and Fairness. Now, I've to link them to what I want to achieve in my writing life. I've finished reading the book but I will go back to do all the exercises now. Hopefully it will help me to write better.

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  1. Interesting exercise. I should try it.

  2. Give it a try, Alex, it's given me some inspirations. I now know that's the reason I love about happily ever after story. I will try to concentrate in writing comedic romance, in different genres. I've different plot ideas to the existing stories I'm working on and were unhappy about. Everything seems so much clearer now.


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